Publication Citation

3 (2) IUSTITIA 5 (1975)


Professor Baude's purpose in this discussion is to elicit police officers' comments on what members of the legal profession ought to know about the influence of the "street perspective" in shaping those officers' attitudes towards the criminal justice system and the role they play in it. It is police insistence on the broad validity of insights which only "the street" can provide that accounts for the considerable gulf between "front-line" enforcement officers and other functionaries in (and students of) that system. Law students (and no doubt lawyers) seem uncomfortable with the notion that our system cannot adequately be understood without reference to a body of knowledge unencompassed by case-book law. Enforcement personnel belittle any approach to criminal justice that demonstrates a slight grasp of matters intractable to the classroom. Impatience and resentment are common to both sides.