Publication Citation

4 (2) IUSTITIA 74 (1977)


Unequal Justice is a social history of the legal profession from the emergence of The American Bar Association in the 1870's until the 1970's. Auerbach is a professional historian and not a member of the legal profession who writes history, nor is he a sociologist. But before his graduate work in history, the author entered and quickly left law school. The honesty with which he relates the experience and the competent research and analysis manifest in his work demonstrate that he writes this book from a perspective of understanding rather than of bitterness or indifference. In fact Auerbach's unique frame of reference makes for an astute insight into the role of the elite lawyer in our legal system. At the outset the author states, "the subject of this book is the response of elite lawyers to social change . . . it is not therefore, a book about how lawyers practice law, nor is it an exegesis of legal doctrine."