Baier Hall and Jerome Hall Law Library Naming Ceremony

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On May 8, 2015, the main building of the Indiana University Maurer School of Law was named in honor of Lowell E. Baier (JD ’64). At the same time, the Law Library was named in honor of Jerome Hall (1901-1992), a professor at the law school for more than 30 years and a mentor to Lowell Baier. The ceremony was held in the Moot Court Room.

Included in this collection is a video of the ceremony, the texts of the individual speakers, and the ceremony’s program.


Speakers (in order of appearance):

  • Michael A. McRobbie, Indiana University President
  • John S. Applegate, Executive Vice President for University Academic Affairs
  • Austen L. Parrish, Dean of the Law School
  • Linda Fariss, Director of the Law Library
  • Robert Fischman, Richard S. Melvin Professor of Law
  • Zachary Shapiro, President of the Student Bar Association
  • Lowell E. Baier, Class of 1964

Streaming Media

McRobbie.pdf (9201 kB)
Text of the remarks of President Michael A. McRobbie

Applegate.pdf (9825 kB)
Text of the remarks of Executive Vice President John S. Applegate

Parrish.pdf (37 kB)
Text of the remarks of Dean Austen L. Parrish

Fariss.pdf (3880 kB)
Text of the remarks of Library Director Linda Fariss

Fischman.pdf (4912 kB)
Text of the remarks of Professor Robert Fischman

Shapiro.pdf (3619 kB)
Text of the remarks of Student Bar Association President Zachary Shapirp

Baier.pdf (1355 kB)
Text of the remarks of Lowell E. Baier