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On November 19th, 2004, a panel discussion was held in the Moot Court Room of the Indiana University-Bloomington School of Law. The topic of the discussion was the landmark United States Supreme Court case, Hess v. Indiana. The case is particularly relevant to the law school because two members of the faculty (Tom Schornhorst and Pat Baude) served as lawyers to the defendant Greg Hess. Additionally, the protest and arrest took place half a block from the law school in front of the University's administration building (Bryan Hall) in 1970.

Joining Professors Schornhorst and Baude on the panel are three other case participants: Randy Bridges (City Prosecutor); Dave McCrea (City Court Judge); and defendant Greg Hess. Ralph Gaebler, from the law library, introduces the session.

Hess v. Indiana arose out of a May 1970 anti-war protest in front of Bryan Hall. Mr. Hess was arrested for disorderly conduct when he made a statement exhorting the crowd to violate the law. Convicted in Bloomington City and Superior Courts, Mr. Hess appealed to the Indiana Supreme Court, which affirmed the trial court ruling, and ultimately to the U.S. Supreme Court, which reversed, holding that the Indiana disorderly statute violated the 1st amendment, as applied to Hess.

The Hess case occurred at a time when campuses across the country were inflamed by anti-war protests, and is therefore emblematic of the political climate that prevailed during the Vietnam War. The Panel discussion focused on this historical context, as well as the history and legal significance of the case.


The panel discussion was held in room 123, the Moot Court Room, on November 19, 2004, 3:00-5:00 PM, in the Indiana University School of Law, Bloomington, IN. The discussion was organized by the Law Library.

Also see Professor Schornhorst's Hess v. Indiana briefs:

In addition, materials contained in the library's display case were displayed during the month of November. Many of these materials are attached at the bottom of this page.

A DVD copy of the panel discussion is available in the Jerome Hall Law Library, KF 292.I525 A5 no.164 (Circ. Desk)

Streaming Media

HT picture of the arrest.pdf (587 kB)
Greg Hess Being Arrested Outside of Bryan Hall, May 13, 1970 (Bloomington Herald-Telephone, May 14, 1970)

Hess v. Indiana Revisited- A Panel Discussion with Case Participa (3).pdf (253 kB)
Hess v. Indiana Display Case Text

HessPoster.pdf (1095 kB)
Hess v. Indiana Poster

flyer.pdf (12625 kB)
Panel Session Flye

PressRelease (5).pdf (15 kB)
Press Release

ids14may1970.jpg (6560 kB)
Indiana Daily Student article

ids14may1970part1.jpg (13325 kB)
Indiana Daily Student article

ids15may1970a.jpg (3393 kB)
Indiana Daily Student article

ids15may1970b.jpg (4952 kB)
Indiana Daily Student article

ids15may1970p7.jpg (3312 kB)
Indiana Daily Student article

HT051470.pdf (3499 kB)
Protesters March Through Campus (Bloomington herald-Telephone, May 14, 1970)

HTphoto2.pdf (416 kB)
Protesters sit, wait, and silently express their views (Indiana University Archives, PS 70-851.)

scuffle.pdf (1180 kB)
Protesters Scuffle (unknown source)

protesters.pdf (8173 kB)
Protest Sign(unknown source)

DSCN0879.JPG (370 kB)
Greg Hess in 2004, (standing in front of Bryan Hall where he had been arrested 34 years earlier)



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