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Taylor Cyrus Segue was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He was raised in Detroit, Michigan, where he attended the University of Detroit High School. In 1972, he enrolled at Wayne State University while working full time as a computer clerk for a Detroit bank. He transferred to the University of Michigan in 1975, graduating with a degree in General Studies in 1978. After college, he spent three years working in positons of increasing responsibility with the Manufacturers National Bank of Detroit, before deciding to attend law school. He enrolled at the Indiana University School of Law in the summer of 1981, and earned his JD degree in December of 1983.

Segue’s legal career began with the firm of Lewis, White & Clay in Detroit (1984-1990). In 1990, Segue became a founding partner in the firm Segue, Fair Adams & Pope, and in 1999 he became a partner at Butzel Long Attorneys. Throughout his career, Segue has specialized in economic development, project financing, public finance, real estate and affordable housing development. In 2001, President George W. Butsh appointed Segue to the Board of Directors of Fannie May. In 2002, he served, on a 6-month emergency basis, as the Interim Executive Director of the Detroit Housing Commission. In 2006, he established a new solo practice specializing in real estate finance and development, securities and gaming law. In 2009, Segue became the Senior Executive Project Manager for Wayne County (Michigan). Segue founded his latest law firm, The Segue Law Group, in 2011, and continues to specialize in business, real estate finance, and securities law.

Segue served as a board member of the Orchards Children’s Services, the largest private foster care and adoption agency in Michigan, for more than 20 years. He is a past board member and president of the Evening Optimist Club of Detroit, as well as a board member and president of the Friends of Detroit Central City Community Mental Health, Inc. Segue served as a member of the Indiana University Black Law Student Association Alumni Advisory Board from 2005 until 2014. In 2004, Taylor Segue received a Distinguished Service Award from the Indiana University School of Law.


Maurer Alumni, Distinguished Service Award


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