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Martha Blood Wentworth has lived in Indiana most of her adult life. A native of Grosse Point, Michigan, she graduated from Indiana University, Bloomington with a bachelor’s degree in 1971, a master’s degree in 1977, and her law degree cum laude in 1990. She was also inducted into the honorary Order of Barristers. After receiving her law degree, she clerked for Judge Thomas Fisher, who was her predecessor on the Indiana Tax Court. She then practiced law with Hall, Render, Killian, Heath & Lyman, and then she was a Director at Deloitte Tax LLP. When Judge Thomas Fisher retired as the Indiana Tax Court Judge on January 16, 2011, Governor Mitch Daniels appoint Wentworth to the position.

Judge Wentworth is the author of numerous articles on tax, and she has taught state and local taxation at the Kelley School of Business, the McKinney School of Law, and the Maurer School of Law. She is a Fellow of the Indiana Bar Foundation and she is the Chair of the Indiana Pro Bono Commission.


Indiana Tax Court, Maurer Alumni


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