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Writing by Dean Austen Parrish

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The Indiana Lawyer


The spring semester is coming to a close in Bloomington, but in ways none of us expected. The COVID-19 pandemic required us to shift to teaching remotely in a matter of days, and all on-campus events — including commencement — have been canceled or postponed. Fortunately, when classes resumed remotely March 30, our students, faculty and staff more than rose to the occasion and pulled together, and the transition has been smoother than expected.

Our community’s resilience and positive attitude through the pandemic have led me to reflect more broadly on the wonderful support — financial and otherwise — we receive from alumni and friends of the school. It seemed an appropriate time to extend a tremendous thank you to all of the incredible alumni, friends, faculty, staff and students who have shown their love and support for the law school, and to share just a few examples of how that generosity continues to make a significant difference. It’s a particularly appropriate time to reflect as Indiana University winds up its historic bicentennial capital campaign this summer.