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Writing by Dean Austen Parrish

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The Indiana Lawyer


The three major stories of 2020 — the COVID-19 pandemic, the heightened awareness of racial injustice and the election — have made this year one that we will remember. While we couldn’t have envisioned all that would happen at the beginning of the year, our faculty are producing useful and thought-provoking scholarship on all these topics.

I often use my Dean’s Desk columns to celebrate student and alumni achievement, to describe new and innovative programs in our curriculum, or to share how the law school supports and collaborates with community organizations and the courts to provide pro bono legal services throughout Indiana. The law school, however, is also part of one of the nation’s leading research universities at Indiana University Bloomington. Our faculty’s scholarship informs public debate, provides powerful insights into important legal issues and offers solutions to some of today’s toughest problems. In this column, I thought I would highlight just a few recent examples.