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Writing by Dean Austen Parrish

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The Indiana Lawyer


On Saturday, May 8, the Maurer School of Law will celebrate the Class of 2021 in its annual graduation ceremony. The day before, students will have walked across the stage in their regalia and participated in a hooding ceremony as part of a formal, in-person university commencement. The pandemic is forcing us to hold the school’s individual celebration on Zoom, but many of our traditions continue. Family and friends will attend, we’ll hear from student and faculty speakers, each graduate will be honored individually, and we’ve even chosen a talented student to sing the Alma Mater.

Looking back on a very unusual academic year, the positive and can-do attitude of our students, faculty and staff was impressive. While most of our first-year students attended classes in person, many of our upper-division and graduate degree students needed to take their courses online. Although there were hardships and family challenges — and law students, like everyone, are Zoom-fatigued — students stepped up and made us proud. Even in a difficult year, they excelled, and their record of achievement speaks so well for the future of our profession. I don’t have space to list everything, but I felt I would share a few notable highlights from the past few months.