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Federal Communications Law Journal (Maurer Law Journals)

ISSN 0163-7676

The FCLJ is the official journal for the Federal Communications Bar Association and, in serving this important role, often features articles and essays by Commissioners of the Federal Communications Commission (“FCC”) and members of Congress, as well as leading scholars in the field of Communication Law and Policy. The FCLJ was published by the Indiana University Maurer School of Law between 1993/94 (v.46) and 2011/12 (v.64). During that period the FCLJ published three issues per year featuring articles, book reviews, student notes and commentaries focusing on domestic and international communications issues. Students selected articles for publications, edited and proofread the articles, and verified the accuracy and form of cited sources. The journal also published several student-written articles. Beginning with the Fall 2012 issue (v.65 no.1), the journal is being published by the George Washington School of Law.

Indiana Journal of Constitutional Design (Maurer Law Journals)

The Indiana Journal of Constitutional Design is the first journal devoted specifically to the emerging field of constitutional design. This new field examines the ways in which basic legal ordering (the law that creates the fundamental power structures of a given country) shapes and is shaped by political, economic, and cultural conditions. The approach is fundamentally interdisciplinary and comparative, seeking understanding of the kinds of legal arrangements that have failed or succeeded in different contexts and why. The Journal will publish a range of different materials, including not only traditional articles and student notes, but also taxonomies of design options on particular subjects, explorations of specific drafting issues in particular countries, and reflections by those with experience in constitutional drafting and design. The goal of the Journal is to help develop this emerging field by providing information and ideas to both scholars and practitioners of constitutional drafting.

Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies (Maurer Law Journals)

The Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies is a faculty-edited interdisciplinary journal focusing on the intersections of global and domestic legal regimes, markets, politics, technologies, and cultures.

NOTE: Articles written by Indiana University faculty and students are embargoed on this site for one year, all other articles are embargoed for five years. Non-embargoed issues may be available to subscribers of Project MUSE at the Project MUSE website.

Indiana Journal of Law and Social Equality (Maurer Law Journals)

Welcome to our online repository. The Indiana Journal of Law and Social Equality (“Journal”) serves as an interdisciplinary academic forum for scholars, practitioners, policymakers, and students to contribute to society’s understanding of legal and policy issues concerning social justice and equality. IJLSE aims to become a major outlet for leading scholars and practitioners to improve race and gender relations, foster new research in and across the disciplines, and provide the intellectual foundation for the pursuit of social justice.

Indiana Law Journal (Maurer Law Journals)

ISSN 0019-6665

Founded in 1925, the Indiana Law Journal is a general-interest academic legal journal. The Journal is published quarterly by students of the Indiana University Maurer School of Law. An additional issue, known as The Supplement, is published online only and appears in this collection as issue no. 5. Supplement articles can be viewed on the ILJ"s website, prior to their appearance in issue 5.

IP Theory (Maurer Law Journals)

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IP Theory, founded in 2010, is an online, peer-edited, open-access intellectual property law publication. It is not a strictly traditional law journal but a publication designed to take advantage of the flexibility of internet technology. It serves as a new forum for both traditional academic law review articles as well as essays which are more concise (and more lightly footnoted) than typical articles. Our online format allows for quicker publishing of textual material and we have aspirations to include other mixed media, such as video interviews of our authors, into our offerings in the near future.

IUSTITIA (Maurer Law Journals)

IUSTITIA (Latin for "body of law") was a student run interdisciplinary journal of law and opinion published between 1973 and 1977. Two issues were published each academic year. The editorial board was primarily interested in material dealing with both the theory, and the practice of applied law. The journal aimed to stimulate within its readership an inward awareness to the day's externalities. The idea of IUSTITIA constituted a strong commitment to re-evaluating key social, economic and political issues on the basis of their ultimate legal implications.