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Row 1 (L to R): Renee T. Beaver and James R. Wood

Row 2: Christina L. Clark, Phillip T. Scaletta, Jennifer L. Schuster, Michael R. Brunelle, Angela M. King, Russell S. Magaziner

Row 3: Jennifer M. Nagourney, Christine N. Habeeb, Gregory S. Knapp, Douglas A. Hass, Shalina A. Chibber, Aaron J. Stucky, Christopher S. Koves, Sara L. Hounshell

Row 4: Peter A. Meyer, Nathan W. Steed, Jarrette A. Marley, Liza C. Moore, Emmanuel V.R. Boulukos, Aaron L. Lykling, John A. Infante, Benjamin F. Lawrence

Row 5: Jonathan D. Conley, Derek K. Early, John W. McKenzie III, Andrew W. Beyer

Not pictured: Jeffrey A. Macey, Matthew J. O' Connor