Contained in this collection are the theses and dissertations of Maurer students who have received their Doctor of Juridical Science (SJD) or Master of Laws (LLM) degrees. Note that many of these documents are embargoed.

Theses/Dissertations from 2023

The Problem of the Legal Malpractice Claim in Saudi Arabia: Could Combining the Legal Malpractice Claim with the Disciplinary Claim Solve It?, Ahmad Abdulkhaliq Alamri

Rethinking the Civil Protection of Patients from Misleading Pharmaceutical Marketing Under Saudi Law, Muflih Saud Almughyirah

E-Commerce in Saudi Arabia: an Analysis of the Law and Practical Challenges for Businesses and Consumers, Sultan Abdulhadi Alqahtani

Justification of the Reasonable but Mistaken Self-Defense: a Doctrinal Analysis, Qin Chen

Proportionality Review of Administrative Actions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Ahmed Saleh Enani

Evaluating Copyright Protection in the Data-Driven Era: Centering on Motion Picture's Past and Future, Chieh-Li Pai

Theses/Dissertations from 2022

The Saudi Judge's Discretion in Liquidated Damage Clauses: An Applied Analytical Study in Light of Islamic Sharia Law, Salman Mufleh R. Al-Kahtani

The Exchange of Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Judgments Between Saudi Arabia and the United States, Ibrahim Saleh Aloraini

Foreign Judgments and Foreign Arbitral Awards Enforceability as a Factor and a Guarantee for Foreign Investments: the Case of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed Rashed Mohammed Arhama Alshamsi

"Exclusion" of Refugees from Refugee Status: History, Law, Terrorism, Security, State Interests and Ideology, Muhamad Abdulrahman S Alshehri

Where is the Author: the Copyright Protection for AI-Generated Works, Chieh Huang

Criminal Defamation and Freedom of Speech in the Internet Age: A Study for Indonesian Democratic Values, Eka Nugraha Putra

The "Law to Use the Mark the DelPaís," Act 195-2016: Case Study of a Puerto Rican Certification Mark with Potential of Becoming a Geographic Indication for Economic Development, Paola Gabriela Zaragoza Cardenales

Theses/Dissertations from 2021

Funding Access to Arbitration: Possibility of Third Party Funding for International Commercial Arbitration in Thailand, Montira Achavanuntakul

Legitimacy, Flexibility and Administrative Law, SooChan Ahn

The Regulatory and Procedural Examination of Trademarks in Saudi Arabia: Deficiencies in the Similarities Factor and the Registration Requirements, Abdulaziz Mohammad Aleiban

Assessing the Liability Exposure of Public Joint-Stock Companies' Directors Under the Liability Rules in Saudi Arabia, Ahad Ali Alomran

The Impact of Corporate Governance on the Continuity of Family Businesses in Saudi Arabia, Saad Abdulmohsin Alrowaished

Corporatizing Administrative Law for Economic Constitutionalism in Ghana: An African Legal Study, Rowland Atta-Kesson

Human Rights in the New Era? Tools to Increase Participation of People with Disabilities in the workplace: An Analysis of Laws in Hungary and the United States, Renata Bedo

The Right Against Self-Incrimination Under Indian Constitution & the Admissibility of Custodial Statements Under the Indian Evidence Act, 1872, Khagesh Gautam

Transitional Justice and the Future Unified Korea, Yun Ju Kang

Copyright Fair Use in the People's Republic of China--on the Road of Development: a Comparative Copyright Analysis of Chinese and the U.S. Fair Use, and Proposals for Corresponding Legislation in China, Shuimei Liu

Comparative Research of the Plea Leniency System of China, Yuguang Lu

Arbitrating Copyright Disputes in Egypt, Islam Mohamed

Theses/Dissertations from 2020

Regulating Multinational Corporations in International Investment Law and Arbitration: Towards Limiting the Treaty Shopping, Sharaf Khaled Alsharaf

The Current System of Resolving Insurance Disputes in Saudi Arabia: Its Weaknesses and Ways of Developing It, Saleh Alsheha

The Legal Feasibility of Ratification of the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG) by Saudi Arabia: A Comparative Study Between CISG and Islamic Law, Ibrahim Mansour Alwehaibi

Hate Speech and Democracy: Deciding What Sort of Legal Doctrine is Best Suited to Hate Speech Regulation in Taiwan, Yen-Hsiang Chang

Improving Taiwan's Civil Procedure by Citizen Participation: Focusing on Expert Testimony in Public Interest Cases, Yin-Song Hsu

Masterpiece's Equal Treatment of the Religious and Expressive Freedoms Under the First Amendment, Hwi Won Kim

Construction of a Dispute-Resolution Framework Under the International Judicial System for the Settlement of the Inter-Korean Conflict Over the Northern Limit Line: Operating the Advisory Proceedings of the International Court of Justice, Hyun Jin Kim

Reproductive Contracts: An Analysis of Reproductive Treatments, a Critique of Forms of Informed Consent, and Prevention of Circumvention of Medical Tourism, Minsung Kim

The Preemptive Effect of the CISG on Tort Claims Under US Law, Phutchaya Numngern

The Need for Thailand to Accede to Conventions on Statelessness, Pattranan Ruamsuk

The Regulatory Framework of the Market of Corporate Control Legal and Economic Analysis of the Saudi Case, Ali Al Sari

Promoting Private Enforcement of Environmental Law In China, Xiaolong Shi

Small Pool for Big Data: Researching for Sustainable Data Focused on Open Government Data (OGD) Movement, Sukchan Sim

Copyright's Fixation Requirement: Is It Still Needed?, Attamongkol Tantratian

Cooperation in the International System: An Interdisciplinary Investigation at the Intersection of International Relations and International Law, Kalyani Unkule

Capital Gains Tax Law and Policy in the U.S. and China: A Comparative Study, Chen Ye

Theses/Dissertations from 2019

Developing a Legal Framework Governing Public University Endowments in Saudi Arabia: Lessons from the American Experience with UMIFA and UPMIFA, Rayan Jamal Alkhalawi

Public/Private Distinction in Islamic Jurisprudence: Reflection on Islamic Constitutionalism, Faris F. Almalki

Protecting the Rights and Interests of Sukuk Holders from the Risks of Default/Counterparty, Bankruptcy and Shari'ah Reality, Development and Challenges (Special Attention to Saudi Arabia), Omar AlOudah

Protecting Minority Shareholders in Close Corporations: An Analysis and Critique of the Statutory Protection in the Saudi Companies Law, Abdulrahman Nabil Alsaleh

Insider Trading Framework in United States and Egyptian Stock Markets, Elsayed Eldaydamony

Evaluating a Unified Intellectual Property System of Internet Service Providers in the Electronic Commerce Law -- A Comparative Research Between China and the U.S., Yifan Huang

Derivative Suit Under the Saudi Companies Law: Theory and Best Practice, Ahmed Saeed Khabti

Rethinking the 1948 Genocide Convention for North Korean Political Camps, Hyunmok Lee

From Standardization to Formality: Unintended Consequences of Police Standardization Reform of Law Enforcement in China, Lianhan Zhang

Theses/Dissertations from 2018

The Sufficiency of Information Privacy Protection in Saudi Arabia, Abdulaziz Almebrad

Gender Equality Menace Under Liberia Domestic Relations Law, Yah-Yeplah Dolo-Barbu

Exploring Banks' Duty of Care towards Non-Customers in U.C.C. Article 3 & 4, Anis A. Houssein

A Comparative Study of the Law of Dismissal in the U.S. and China, Zhenxing Ke

A Critical Review of U.S. Securities Laws and the Status of Initial Coin Offerings: Potential Solutions for Issuers, Muhammed Kus

The Application of the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods Uniformity Interpretation Principle in U.S., Yuqing Nie

An Empirical Study of Workers' Demands Through Industrial Actions: A Comparative Analysis of the United States, Germany and The People's Republic of China Under the Bargaining Model, Xiaohan Sun

Theses/Dissertations from 2017

Compensatory Damages Granted in Personal Injuries: Supplementing Islamic Jurisprudence with Elements of Common Law, Majed Alshaibani

Corrupt Practices in Saudi Arabia: An Analysis of the Legal Provisions and the Influence of Social Factors, Abdulmajeed Alshalan

The Influence of Criminal Mens Rea on Criminal Justice: A Comparative Study of Qatar's Penal Code and the Model Penal Code in the United States, Khalid Saleh Al-shamari

New Dimensions in Economic Analysis of Legal Issues: The Appropriate Regulatory Balance of Antitrust Law in the Context of the Technological Innovation, Jungmi Bang

Birds of a Feather: Patterns of Judicial Decision-Making at the International Court of Justice, 1946-2015, Kai-Chih Chang

Achieving Justice Through ADR: An Analysis of the Korean Mediation System, Yonghwan Choung

An Empirical Study of China's Change-of-Venue System in Anti-Corruption Litigation: Implications for Anti-Corruption Reform, Jinting Deng

A Legal Analysis on Enterprises Overseas Fundraising -- A Comparison Between the U.S. Market and the Taiwanese Market, Ke Ho

The Tension between Korean Environmental Protection Policies and U.S. Investors' Interests Under the U.S.-Korea Free Trade Agreement, Changsung Kang

In Search of Balance: A Critical Review of Private Placement Regulations of the United States and South Korea, Daeil Kim

Improving the Effectiveness of South Korean Product Liability Including Punitive Damages: A Comparative Analysis Between the United States and South Korea, Minsung Kim

A Legal Study on the Internal Control System for Direction of Legislation in Korea, Sungbum Kwon

Reforming the Death Penalty in Egypt: An Islamic Law Perspective, Gaber Mohamed

Reactions to Hybrid Mismatch Arrangements and Strategy Suggestions for Korea, Aju Nam

The Concurrent Liability in Contract and Tort Under U.S. and English Law: To What Extent Plaintiff Is Entitled to Recover for Damages Under Tort Claim?, Phutchaya Numngern

Potential Regulatory Systems for Carbon Capture and Sequestration (CCS): Legal Analysis of the Current and Future Regulatory Systems and Recommendations for Acceptance in South Korea, MoonSook Park

A Comparative Study of Trade Dress in the U.S. and South Korea: Rethinking on the Laws and Precedents in the Apple v. Samsung, Sukchan Sim

Toward the Search for the Proper Liability Rule for Harms Resulting from Sources of Risk: A Different Approach to the Choice between Strict Liability and Fault-Based Regime, Wen-Hsuan Yang

Theses/Dissertations from 2016

Unclaimed Money in Saudi Banks, Abdulrahman AlMasnad

Social & Legal Perspectives on Underuse of Medication-Assisted Treatment for Opioid Dependence, Barbara Andraka-Christou

Evaluating the Legal Issues of Internet Service Providers in China -- A Comparative Copyright Analysis of Chinese ISPs, the U.S. ISPs, and Japanese ISPs, Yifan Huang

The Inter-American Court of Human Rights: Emerging Patterns in Judgment Compliance, Shelom Velasco

A Comparative Law Perspective on Intermediaries' Direct Liability in Cloud Computing Context -- A Proposal for China, Shi Xu

Theses/Dissertations from 2015

Domestic Violence in Saudi Arabia, Sahar Alhabdan

Legal Education Reform in Saudi Arabia: A Case Study of Taibah University, Rayan Alkhalawi

The Reform of the Corporate Duty of Care in China -- From the Introspection of Delaware and Taiwan, Jui-Chien Cheng

International Trade v. International Property Lawyers: Globalization and the Brazilian Legal Profession, Vitor Martins Dias

The Problems of Gender Inequality Raised by Unmarried Couples in Liberia, Yah-Yeplah Dolo-Barbu

Everything That's New Is Old Again: The Impact of Egypt's Political Culture on the Rule of Law and Democracy, Hesham Genidy

The Meaning of the Responsibility to Protect: An Analysis of the R2P Principle in International Law, 2001-2013, Muditha Halliyadde

From the Savings and Loan Association Crisis of the 1980s to the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act: The Effect of the Dodd-Frank Act on U.S. Thrifts and the Lesson for the Korean Savings Bank Crisis, Beumhoo Jang

Environment Chapter in Korea's FTA: Suggestions for Korea's Model Text, Jun Ha Kang

Enhancing the Compensatory Roles of Financial Regulatory Agencies in South Korea: Lessons from the U.S. SEC's FAIR Fund, Daeil Kim

The Inter-Korean Conflict Over the Northern Limit Line: Applying the Theory of Historical Consolidation, Hyun Jin Kim

Enhancing the Parliament Capacity to Hold Government Accountable in Kurdistan Region, Zardasht Khalid Mohammed

A Comparative Analysis of the Protections of Workers' Demands in the People's Republic of China and the United States in the Global Economy -- The Costs and Benefits of Collective Bargaining, Xiaohan Sun

Tort Reform in Saudi Arabia: Obstacles and Solutions, Othman Talbi

Public Video Surveillance and the Separation of Powers, Lianhan Zhang

Theses/Dissertations from 2014

The Role Government Should Play in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act 2009, Jungmi Bang

A Comparative Analysis of Shareholder Derivative Litigations in Taiwan: Rethinking of Law, Implementation, and Suggestion, Ting-Hsien Cheng

An Analysis of Patent System and Antitrust Law Issues in OLED Display Industry: Focusing on the Patent Strategy for Securing Technologies and Materials, Meyoung Ju Joung

Rethinking Hedge Fund Regulation: Focusing on the U.S., the U.K., and Korea, Eun Jip Kim

The Applicability of the Crime of Aggression to Armed Conflicts Involving Quasi-States, Hyeyoung Lee