About This Journal

The Indiana Journal of Constitutional Design is an on-line, open access, interdisciplinary forum devoted to the development of the new field of constitutional design. It grows out of the work of the Center for Constitutional Democracy (CCD) at the Maurer School of Law at Indiana University. The CCD has been engaged in the study and practice of constitutional design for over a decade. This work has included: advising constitutional reformers in several countries, organizing conferences and producing scholarship on issues of constitutional design, and developing the first Ph.D. program focused on this emerging field.

This Journal builds on and supplements the work of the CCD by providing a forum for the discussion and dissemination of information and ideas related to constitutional design. This publication will differ from a traditional law journal in at least two ways. First, it will include many different types of contributions, ranging from summaries of research on a given topic, to taxonomies of constitutional mechanisms that serve a particular function, to the development of theoretical models concerning constitutional design. Many of these will be shorter and less intensively footnoted than typical law review articles. Second, contributions will draw on a wide range of disciplinary frameworks and skill sets, some focused on political science, or economics, or anthropology, rather than law. The Journal seeks to provide information and ideas of use both to practitioners engaged in constitutional drafting and advising and to scholars studying these processes. The goal is to contribute to the practice and the theory of this developing field.

The Journal will include both student authored and faculty submissions. Student authored contributions will be edited by students; faculty submissions will be peer reviewed with students managing logistics and light editing. The Journal does not have a set publication schedule: contributions will be added on a rolling basis, so please check the site frequently for new publications. To facilitate distribution and prompt notification, we encourage readers to sign up to receive email notifications or RSS feeds to our journal. The Journal’s text is discoverable from Google Scholar and other search services. As an open-access publication, the Journal is freely available worldwide.

Please send article submissions to: ccd@indiana.edu.