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Welcome to our online repository. The Indiana Journal of Law and Social Equality (“Journal”) serves as an interdisciplinary academic forum for scholars, practitioners, policymakers, and students to contribute to society’s understanding of legal and policy issues concerning social justice and equality. IJLSE aims to become a major outlet for leading scholars and practitioners to improve race and gender relations, foster new research in and across the disciplines, and provide the intellectual foundation for the pursuit of social justice.

Current Issue: Volume 4, Issue 2 (2016)

Please enjoy our Spring 2016 issue of IJLSE! M. Patrick Yingling, Civil Disobedience to Overcome Corruption: The Case of Occupy Wall Street Felice Batlan, The "Rabbi's Daughter" and the "Jewish Jane Addams": Jewish Women, Legal Aid, and the Fluidity of Identity Becky Boyle, Free Tilly?: Legal Personhood for Animals and the Intersectionality of the Civil & Animal Rights Movements Morgan Davenport, "Bring Your Own Device" Policies Also Bring Complications in Workplace Sexual Harassment Lawsuits Dr. Muditha Halliyadde, Syria - Another Drawback for R2P?: An Analysis of R2P's Failure to Change International Law on Humanitarian Intervention Stacey Tutt, Foreclosure Mediation as an Enforcement Mechanism Haddy Rikabi, Wanted for Being a Pregnant Teen: A Draconian Approach to Reducing Teen Pregnancy and Prosecuting Statutory Rape


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