About This Journal

The Indiana Journal of Law and Social Equality (“Journal”) serves as an interdisciplinary academic forum for scholars, practitioners, policy makers, and students to contribute to society’s understanding of legal and policy issues concerning social equality. The Journal aims to become a major effort for leading scholars and practitioners to improve race and gender relations, foster new research in and across the disciplines, and provide the intellectual foundation for the pursuit of social justice.

By drawing on leading scholars from a variety of university departments and programs, the Journal seeks to transform the lens through which issues of social equality are viewed by identifying new issues and offering new theoretical and pedagogical approaches. In doing so, the Journal will not only improve the discourse on social equality, but also change the nature of analysis to legal and social issues concerning historically marginalized groups, through an interdisciplinary approach.

The importance of taking an interdisciplinary approach to issues of social equality is grounded in the fact that people’s identities and experiences are situated within socially constructed systems and organized around characteristics such as race, gender, class, and sexuality. These identity systems interact, mutually shape, and reinforce each other. Consequently, they cannot be studied in isolation. The Journal offers the integration necessary to tackle issues of social equality.

To facilitate this interdisciplinary approach, the Journal hosts at least one symposium every year through which scholarly work is generated for publication in the Journal. The Journal also publishes works produced by students. All submission of works are selected and edited by students who have been extended invitations to staff the Journal based on academic performance, a writing competition, and overall interests in the subjects covered by the journal.

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