Contained in this collection are articles written by Maurer students. Although most of these articles were published in our law journals, some may have been published elsewhere.

Submissions from 1986

Sale-Leasebacks: A Search for Economic Substance, Stephan L. Hodge
(61 Indiana Law Journal 721 (1986))

The NLRA's "Guard Exclusion": An Analysis of Section 9(b)(3)'s Legislative Intent and Modern-Day Applicability, Eric M. Jensen
(61 Indiana Law Journal 457 (1986))

Discrimination in Asylum Law: The Implications of Jean v. Nelson, Mary Jane Lapointe
(62 Indiana Law Journal 127 (1986))

Tuition Residence Requirements: A Second Look in Light of Zobel and Martinez, Thomas B. Parent
(61 Indiana Law Journal 287 (1986))

Patient Coercion by Hospitals: A Comparison of Antitrust Standards in Hyde and Rumple, Cindy L. Porter
(61 Indiana Law Journal 521 (1986))

Attorney's Fees for Consumers in Warranty Actions-An Expanding Role for the U.C.C.?, David T. Schaeffer
(61 Indiana Law Journal 495 (1986))

The Decency of Capital Punishment for Minors: Contemporary Standards and the Dignity of Juveniles, Lawrence A. Vanore
(61 Indiana Law Journal 757 (1986))

Submissions from 1985

Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress in the Employment at Will Setting: Limiting the Employer's Manner of Discharge, James F. Bleeke
(60 Indiana Law Journal 365 (1985))

The Tender Offer Regulation Battle Continues: Should States Regulate Only Local Companies?, Phyllis E. Grimm
(60 Indiana Law Journal 721 (1985))

Administration of Entireties Property in Bankruptcy, Rodger A. Heaton
(60 Indiana Law Journal 305 (1985))

Connick v. Myers: New Restrictions on the Free Speech Rights of Government Employees, Peter C. McCabe III
(60 Indiana Law Journal 339 (1985))

Jurisdictional Limitations on Intangible Property in Eminent Domain: Focus on the Indianapolis Colts, Ellen Z. Mufson
(60 Indiana Law Journal 389 (1985))

Social Host Liability: Opening a Pandora's Box, Marc E. Odier
(61 Indiana Law Journal 85 (1985))

Access, Efficiency, and Fairness in Dirks v. SEC, Malcolm A. Tripp
(60 Indiana Law Journal 535 (1985))

Limited Partnership Control: A Reexamination of Creditor Reliance, R. Kurt Wilke
(60 Indiana Law Journal 515 (1985))

Submissions from 1984

Visitation Beyond the Traditional Limitations, Michael J. Lewinsky
(60 Indiana Law Journal 191 (1984))