Submissions from 2001

The Private Workplace and the Proposed “Notice of Electronic Monitoring Act”: Is “Notice” Enough?, Nathan Watson
(54 Federal Communications Law Journal 79 (2001))

Connecting the World: The Development of the Global Information Infrastructure, Tanya L. Yarbrough
(53 Federal Communications Law Journal 315 (2001))

Overcoming Adversity: Distinguishing Retaliation from General Prohibitions Under Federal Employment Discrimination Law, Eric M.D. Zion
(76 Indiana Law Journal 191 (2001))

Submissions from 2000

Federalism: An Antidote to Congress's Separation of Powers Anxiety and Executive Order 13,083, Brian E. Bailey
(75 Indiana Law Journal 333 (2000))

"Click Here to Buy the Next Microsoft": The Penny Stock Rules, Online Microcap Fraud, and the Unwary Investor, Kevin C. Bartels
(75 Indiana Law Journal 353 (2000))

Disability Benefits and the ADA After Cleveland v. Policy Management Systems, Jessica Barth
(75 Indiana Law Journal 1317 (2000))

From Corruption to Cooperation: Globalization Brings a Multilateral Agreement Against Foreign Bribery, Andrea D. Bontrager Unzicker
(7 Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies 655 (2000))

The Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act of 1996: Another Congressional Hurdle for the Courts, Sonia Chen
(8 Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies 169 (2000))

The Failure of the Integrated Enterprise Test: Why Courts Need To Find New Answers to the Multiple-Employer Puzzle in Federal Discrimination Cases, Mark Crandley
(75 Indiana Law Journal 1041 (2000))

Offensive Protection: The Potential Application of Intellectual Property Law to Scripted Sports Plays, Proloy K. Das
(75 Indiana Law Journal 1073 (2000))

The Availability of the Fair Use Defense in Music Piracy and Internet Technology, Sonia Das
(52 Federal Communications Law Journal 727 (2000))

Copyright and Antitrust: The Effects of the Digital Performance Rights in Sound Recordings Act of 1995 in Foreign Markets, Connie C. Davis
(52 Federal Communications Law Journal 411 (2000))

Universal Service High-Cost Subsidy Reform: Hindering Cable-Telephony and Other Technological Advancements in Rural and Insular Regions, Emily L. Dawson
(53 Federal Communications Law Journal 117 (2000))

Is Payne Defensible?: The Constitutionality of Admitting Victim-Impact Evidence at Capital Sentencing Hearings, Joshua D. Greenberg
(75 Indiana Law Journal 1349 (2000))

The FCC and Section 312(a)(7) of the Communications Act of 1934: The Development of the “Unreasonable Access” Clause, Philip J. Gutwein II
(53 Federal Communications Law Journal 161 (2000))

Don’t Talk to Strangers: An Analysis of Government and Industry Efforts to Protect a Child’s Privacy Online, Dorothy A. Hertzel
(52 Federal Communications Law Journal 429 (2000))

Country Conditions Documentation in U.S. Asylum Cases: Leveling the Evidentiary Playing Field, Susan K. Kerns
(8 Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies 197 (2000))

Increasing Telephone Penetration Rates and Promoting Economic Development on Tribal Lands: A Proposal to Solve the Tribal and State Jurisdictional Problems, Jennifer L. King
(53 Federal Communications Law Journal 137 (2000))

The Game of Radiopoly: An Antitrust Perspective of Consolidation in the Radio Industry, Sarah Elizabeth Leeper
(52 Federal Communications Law Journal 473 (2000))

Reactions to EPA's Interim Guidance: The Growing Battle for Control over Environmental Justice Decisionmaking, June M. Lyle
(75 Indiana Law Journal 687 (2000))

Students' Rights in Indiana: Wrongful Distribution of Student Records and Potential Remedies, Sandra L. Macklin
(74 Indiana Law Journal 1321 (1999))

Securities Regulation in the Electronic Era: Private Placements and the Internet, Todd A. Mazur
(75 Indiana Law Journal 379 (2000))

Revisiting Indiana's Rule of Evidence 404(b) and the Lannan Decision in Light of Federal Rules of Evidence 413-415, Ellen H. Meilaender
(75 Indiana Law Journal 1103 (2000))

Interpreting the Copyright Act’s Section 201(c) Revision Privilege with Respect to Electronic Media, Robert Meitus
(52 Federal Communications Law Journal 749 (2000))

Reaffirming No-Fault Divorce: Supplementing Formal Equality with Substantive Change, Erin R. Melnick
(75 Indiana Law Journal 711 (2000))

A Leap Forward: Why States Should Ratify the Uniform Computer Information Transactions Act, David A.P. Neboyskey
(52 Federal Communications Law Journal 793 (2000))

The Primary Caretaker Presumption: Have We Been Presuming Too Much?, Paul L. Smith
(75 Indiana Law Journal 731 (2000))

The Crescent and the Union: Islam Returns to Western Europe, John D. Snethen
(8 Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies 251 (2000))

The Evolution of Sovereignty and Citizenship in Western Europe: Implications for Migration and Globalization, John D. Snethen
(8 Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies 223 (2000))

Online Auction Fraud: Are the Auction Houses Doing All They Should or Could to Stop Online Fraud?, James M. Snyder
(52 Federal Communications Law Journal 453 (2000))

Confronting Gender-Based Violence with International Instruments: Is a Solution to the Pandemic Within Reach?, Jennifer L. Ulrich
(7 Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies 629 (2000))

The Lexus, The Olive Tree, and the Controversial Global "Democracy", Christina A. Urbanski
(7 Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies 687 (2000))

Preserving Honk Kong's Autonomy, While Facilitating Chinese Reform: The Potential Role of Globalization in Guiding China's Government, Sheba M. Vattamattam
(7 Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies 713 (2000))

Business-only E-mail Policies in the Labor Organizing Context: It Is Time to Recognize Employee and Employer Rights, Allegra Kirsten Weiner
(52 Federal Communications Law Journal 777 (2000))

Submissions from 1999

Revenge on Utilitarianism: Renouncing a Comprehensive Economic Theory of Crime and Punishment, William L. Barnes Jr.
(74 Indiana Law Journal 627 (1999))

The Copyright Dilemma Involving Online Service Providers: Problem Solved . . . for Now, Christian C.M. Beams
(51 Federal Communications Law Journal 823 (1999))

Defining the Duty: Attorneys' Obligations Under Rule 10b-5, Cynthia A. Bedrick
(74 Indiana Law Journal 1297 (1999))

Terrorism: A Global Phenomenon Mandating a Unified International Response, Jacqueline Ann Carberry
(6 Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies 685 (1999))

Shrinkwrap and Clickwrap Agreements: 2B or Not 2B?, Garry L. Founds
(52 Federal Communications Law Journal 99 (1999))

Private Property, Economic Efficiency, and Spectrum Policy in the Wake of the C Block Auction, Brian C. Fritts
(51 Federal Communications Law Journal 849 (1999))

China's Newly Enacted Intercountry Adoption Law: Friend or Foe?, Crystal J. Gates
(7 Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies 369 (1999))

Working Toward a Global Discourse on Children's Rights: The Problem of Unaccompanied Children and the International Response to Their Plight, Crystal J. Gates
(7 Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies 299 (1999))

Playing the Name Game: A Glimpse at the Future of the Internet Domain Name System, Rebecca W. Gole
(51 Federal Communications Law Journal 403 (1999))

Judicial Intervention in a Twenty-First Century Republic: Shuffling Deck Chairs on the Titanic?, Kristofor J. Hammond
(74 Indiana Law Journal 653 (1999))

The Constitution, Aliens Control Act, and Xenophobia: The Struggle to Protect South Africa's Pariah-the Undocumented Immigrant, Thomas F. Hicks
(7 Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies 393 (1999))

To Net or Not to Net: Singapore’s Regulation of the Internet, Sarah B. Hogan
(51 Federal Communications Law Journal 429 (1999))

International Control of Cholera: An Environmental Perspective to Infectious Disease Control, Julia A. Jones
(74 Indiana Law Journal 1035 (1999))

The Constitutionality of the Driver’s Privacy Protection Act: A Fork in the Information Access Road, Angela R. Karras
(52 Federal Communications Law Journal 125 (1999))

Bridging the Gap Between Life Insurer and Consumer in the Genetic Testing Era: The RF Proposal, Christopher M. Keefer
(74 Indiana Law Journal 1375 (1999))

"Distinctions Without A Difference"; How the Sixth Circuit Misread Romer v. Evans, Jason D. Kimpel
(74 Indiana Law Journal 991 (1999))

Betting on the Net: An Analysis of the Government’s Role in Addressing Internet Gambling, Stevie A. Kish
(51 Federal Communications Law Journal 449 (1999))

Removal and Waiver of the Eleventh Amendment, Leah M. Krider
(74 Indiana Law Journal 1019 (1999))

Power and Ideas: North-South Politics of intellectual Property and Antitrust, by Susan K. Sell, Lucio Lanucara
(6 Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies 757 (1999))

Strike Two: An Analysis of the Child Online Protection Act’s Constitutional Failures, Heather L. Miller
(52 Federal Communications Law Journal 155 (1999))

Employer Liability for Employee Online Criminal Acts, Jeffrey S. Nowak
(51 Federal Communications Law Journal 467 (1999))

Legal Consequences of Globalization: The Status of Non-Governmental Organizations Under International Law, Karsten Nowrot
(6 Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies 579 (1999))

Mandatory Arbitration of Statutory Claims in the Union Workplace After Wright v. Universal Maritime Service Corp., Daniel Roy
(74 Indiana Law Journal 1347 (1999))

The Abolition of the Death Penalty: Does "Abolition" Really Mean What You Think it Means?, Christy A. Short
(6 Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies 721 (1999))

Federal Court Jurisdiction over Private TCPA Claims: Why the Federal Courts of Appeals Got It Right, Kevin N. Tharp
(52 Federal Communications Law Journal 189 (1999))

Balancing Interests in Frozen Embryo Disputes: Is Adoption Really a Reasonable Alternative?, David L. Theyssen
(74 Indiana Law Journal 711 (1999))

Not in My Backyard: The Siting of Wireless Communications Facilities, Malcolm J. Tuesley
(51 Federal Communications Law Journal 887 (1999))

Vagabonds, Tinkers, and Travelers: Statelessness Among the East European Roma, Adam M. Warnke
(7 Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies 335 (1999))

Submissions from 1998

Inspiring Global Professionalism: Challenges and Opportunities for American Lawyers in China, Cynthia Losure Baraban
(73 Indiana Law Journal 1247 (1998))

Still No Remedy After All These Years: Plugging the Hole in the Law of Leaking Underground Storage Tanks, Jason M. Basile
(73 Indiana Law Journal 675 (1998))

Balancing the Scales: The 1996 Telecommunications Act and Eleventh Amendment Immunity, Cynthia L. Bauerly
(50 Federal Communications Law Journal 399 (1998))

Are We Only Burning Witches? The Antiterrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act of 1996's Answer to Terrorism, Jennifer A. Beall
(73 Indiana Law Journal 693 (1998))

The Gender Wage Gap: Searching for Equality in a Global Economy, Lucy B. Bednarek
(6 Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies 213 (1998))

Globalization and the United States Constitution: How Much Can it Accommodate, James M. Boyers
(5 Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies 583 (1998))

The Tragedy of the Global Commons, Erin A. Clancy
(5 Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies 583 (1998))

Of Hoops, Labor Dupes and Antitrust Ally-Oops: Fouling Out the Salary Cap, D. Albert Daspin
(62 Indiana Law Journal 95 (1986))

Medicated Mental Impairments Under the ADA: Diagnosing the Problem, Prescribing the Solution, Tami A. Earnhart
(74 Indiana Law Journal 251 (1998))

Thou Shalt Not Sue the Church: Denying Court Access to Ministerial Employees, Shawna Meyer Eikenberry
(74 Indiana Law Journal 269 (1998))

Where There's a Will, There's a Way: State Sales and Use Taxation of Electronic Commerce, Megan E. Groves
(74 Indiana Law Journal 293 (1998))

Oliphant and Tribal Criminal Jurisdiction over Non-Indians: Asserting Congress's Plenary Power to Restore Territorial Jurisdiction, Geoffrey C. Heisey
(73 Indiana Law Journal 1051 (1998))

Intercountry Adoption Under the Hague Convention: Still an Attractive Option for Homosexuals Seeking to Adopt?, Lisa Hillis
(6 Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies 237 (1998))

The Legitimacy of Cross-Gender Searches and Surveillance in Prisons: Defining an Appropriate and Uniform Review, Karoline E. Jackson
(73 Indiana Law Journal 959 (1998))

The Body as Commodity: The Use of Markets to Cure the Organ Deficit, David E. Jefferies
(5 Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies 621 (1998))

Cooling the Hot Pursuit: Toward a Categorical Approach, Travis N. Jensen
(73 Indiana Law Journal 1277 (1998))

Networked Health Information: Assuring Quality Control on the Internet, Kristin B. Keltner
(50 Federal Communications Law Journal 417 (1998))

The Uncertainty of Death and Taxes: Valuing Estate Tax Marital and Charitable Deductions After Hubert, Heather J. Kidwell
(74 Indiana Law Journal 317 (1998))

Pregnant with Ambiguity: Credibility and the PTO Utility Guidelines in Light of Brenner, Andrew T. Kight
(73 Indiana Law Journal 997 (1998))

Grandmothers and Teamsters: How the NLRB's New Approach to the Supervisory Status of Charge Nurses Ignores the Reality of the Nursing Home, Jonathan Edward Motley
(73 Indiana Law Journal 711 (1998))

The Benefits of Low-Earth Orbiting Satellite Technology for the International Community: Can the Potential be Realized, Mark Nogueira
(5 Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies 739 (1998))

State Sales & Use Tax on Internet Transactions, Sandi Owen
(51 Federal Communications Law Journal 245 (1998))

An Examination of International Environmental Racism Through the Lens of Transboundary Movement of Hazardous Wastes, Rozelia S. Park
(5 Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies 659 (1998))

The Trojan Horse of the 21st Century: Immigrants, Foreign Campaign Contributions and International Politics, Kostas A. Poulakidas
(6 Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies 341 (1998))

Welfare Reform and Immigration: Attempting to Find a Domestic Answer to a Global Question, Kostas A. Poulakidas
(6 Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies 283 (1998))

Commercial Speech in the Law of the European Union: Lessons for the United States?, J. Steven Rich
(51 Federal Communications Law Journal 263 (1998))

Professional Athletes-Held to a Higher Standard and Above the Law: A Comment on High-Profile Criminal Defendants and the Need for States to Establish High-Profile Courts, Laurie Nicole Robinson
(73 Indiana Law Journal 1313 (1998))

Learning from Rwanda: Addressing the Global Institutional Stalemate in Refugee Crises, Leslie E. Schafer
(6 Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies 315 (1998))

The Population Implosion of the Developed World: Changing Attitudes Toward Immigration to Support Aging Societies, Leslie E. Schafer
(6 Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies 357 (1998))

The Holy and the Handicapped: An Examination of the Different Applications of the Reasonable-Accommodation Clauses in Title VII and the ADA, Alan D. Schuchman
(73 Indiana Law Journal 745 (1998))

An Untapped Resource in Addressing Emerging Infectious Diseases: Traditional Healers, Amy Guerin Thompson
(6 Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies 257 (1998))

Beyond the Harvard Mouse: Current Patent Practice and the Necessity of Clear Guidelines in Biotechnology Patent Law, Carrie F. Walter
(73 Indiana Law Journal 1025 (1998))

Unprotected Until Forty: The Limited Scope of the Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967, Bryan B. Woodruff
(73 Indiana Law Journal 1295 (1998))

Section 253 of the Telecommunications Act of 1996: A Permanent Physical Appropriation of Private Property that Must Be Justly Compensated, Jennifer L. Worstell
(50 Federal Communications Law Journal 441 (1998))

Submissions from 1997

Not in My Backyard: A Critique of Current Indiana Law on Land Use Moratoria, Thaddeus R. Ailes
(72 Indiana Law Journal 809 (1997))

Code-Share Agreements: A Developing Trend in U.S. Bilateral Aviation Negotiations, Robert F. Barron II
(72 Indiana Law Journal 529 (1997))

Do You Feel the Sunshine? Government in the Sunshine Act: Its Objectives, Goals, and Effect on the FCC and You, Kathy Bradley
(49 Federal Communications Law Journal 473 (1997))

What Is Law? A Search for Legal Meaning and Good Judging Under a Textualist Lens, Roger Colinvaux
(72 Indiana Law Journal 1133 (1997))