Submissions from 2015

Surrogate Testimony After Williams: A New Answer to the Question of Who May Testify Regarding the Contents of a Laboratory Report, Jennifer Alberts
(90 Indiana Law Journal 441 (2015))

Using a Community-Based Strategy to Address the Impacts of Globalization on Underwater Cultural Heritage Management in the Dominican Republic, Lydia Barbash-Riley
(22 Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies 201 (2015))

Fracking and the Rural Poor: Negative Externalities, Failing Remedies, and Federal Legislation, Matthew Castelli

Breaking the Curse: A Multilayered Regulatory Approach, Hunter DeKoninck
(22 Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies 121 (2015))

I Did My Time: The Transformation of Indiana’s Expungement Law, Joseph C. Dugan
(90 Indiana Law Journal 1321 (2015))

Verizon’s “Certification Process” and Why the FCC Needs To Take a Stand, P. J. Gretter
(90 Indiana Law Journal 1365 (2015))

Maintaining the Balance of Power: A Typology of Primacy Clauses in Federal Systems, Brady Harman
(22 Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies 703 (2015))

The Best Interests of a Trafficked Adolescent, Anah Hewetson Gouty
(22 Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies 737 (2015))

An Unbalanced Act: A Criticism of How the Court of Arbitration for Sport Issues Unjustly Harsh Sanctions by Attempting to Regulate Doping in Sport, Melissa Hewitt
(22 Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies 769 (2015))

Assets, Costs, and Affordability: Why MAGI-Based Medicaid Benefits Don't Account for True Need, Sara K. Hunkler

Thrown Away for Being Gay: The Abandonment of LGBT Youth and Their Lack of Legal Recourse, Caitlin "Casey" Judge

Access to Legal Services in Rural Areas of the Northern Rockies: A Recommendation for Town Legal Centers, Brian L. Lynch
(90 Indiana Law Journal 1683 (2015))

Legislating Labors of Love: Revisiting Commercial Surrogacy in New York, Deborah Machalow
(90 Indiana Law Journal Supplement 1 (2015))

Global Data Meets 3-D Printing: The Quest for a Balanced and Globally Collaborative Solution to Prevent Patent Infringement in the Foreseeable 3-D Printing Revolution, Tyler Macik
(22 Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies 149 (2015))

Incentivizing the Protection of Personally Identifying Consumer Data After the Home Depot Breach, Ryan F. Manion
(91 Indiana Law Journal 143 (2015))

Method of Attack: A Supplemental Model for Hate Crime Analysis, Angela D. Moore
(90 Indiana Law Journal 1707 (2015))

Anatomy of a Design Regime, Kathryn C. Moore
(22 Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies 789 (2015))

The "Once an Adult, Always an Adult" Doctrine: More Harm Than Good, Kaitlin Pegg

The Greek Debt Crisis: The Need for "Heroic" Economic Policy Reforms in the European Economic and Monetary Union, Peter Robbins
(22 Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies 175 (2015))

The Rising None: Marsh, Galloway, and the End of Legislative Prayer, Nicholas C. Roberts
(90 Indiana Law Journal 407 (2015))

No Ordinary Fish Tale: Working Toward a Transnational Solution to the Cod Crisis in the Gulf of Maine, Michael Ruderman
(91 Indiana Law Journal 165 (2015))

Dangerous or Just Pregnant? How Sanism & Biases Infect the Dangerousness Determination in the Civil Commitment of Pregnant Women, Alyson R. Schwartz

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act: The Latest Obstacle in the Path to Receiving Complementary and Alternative Health Care?, Chelsea Stanley
(90 Indiana Law Journal 879 (2015))

Submissions from 2014

A Family Tradition: Giving Meaning to Family Unity and Decreasing Illegal Immigration Through Anthropology, Micah Bennett
(89 Indiana Law Journal 885 (2014))

The Medical Device Excise Tax: An Unfair Burden, Elizabeth M. Bolka
(89 Indiana Law Journal 1691 (2014))

Bitcoin and Money Laundering: Mining for an Effective Solution, Danton Bryans
(89 Indiana Law Journal 441 (2014))

Learning from Copyright's Failure to Build its Future, Ken Burleson
(89 Indiana Law Journal 1299 (2014))

Removing Disfavored Faces from Facebook: The Freedom of Speech Implications of Banning Sex Offenders from Social Media, John Hitz
(89 Indiana Law Journal 1327 (2014))

Changing Tides: Tax Haven Reform and the Changing Views of Transnational Capital Flow Regulation and the Role of States in a Globalized World, Jeffrey Kraft
(21 Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies 599 (2014))

Pashtunistan's Future: The Global Executive or a Regional Solution, Joshua A. Kurtzman
(21 Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies 303 (2014))

A Trail to Modernity: Observations on the New Developments of China's Evidence Legislation Movement in a Global Context, Jia Li and Zhuhao Wang
(21 Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies 683 (2014))

A Survey of State Fetal Homicide Laws and Their Potential Applicability to Pregnant Women Who Harm Their Own Fetuses, Andrew S. Murphy
(89 Indiana Law Journal 847 (2014))

Free Exercise After the Arab Spring: Protecting Egypt’s Religious Minorities Under the Country’s New Constitution, James Michael Nossett
(89 Indiana Law Journal 1653 (2014))

A Call for Truth in the Fashion Pages: What Global Trend in Advertising Regulation Means for U.S. Beauty and Fashion Advertisers, Ashley O'Neil
(21 Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies 619 (2014))

Edification from the Andorran Model: A Brief Exploration into the Condominium Solution on the International Stage and Its Potential Application to Current Land Disputes, Taylor Calvin Perkins
(21 Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies 643 (2014))

Takings and the Right to Fish and Float in Colorado, Aaron Pettis
(89 Indiana Law Journal 43 (2014))

Beyond the Verdict: Why the Courts Must Protect Jurors From the Public Before, During, and After High-Profile Cases, Scott Ritter
(89 Indiana Law Journal 911 (2014))

Protecting the Home Turf: National Bar Associations and the Foreign Lawyer, Brendan K. Smith
(21 Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies 667 (2014))

Bitcoin: The Economic Case for a Global, Virtual Currency Operating in an Unexplored Legal Framework, Jonathan B. Turpin
(21 Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies 335 (2014))

Targeted Drug Donations: A Necessary Evil in Need of a Global Harness and a Possible Cure for TRIPS Shortcomings, Gabriella Tzeneva
(21 Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies 369 (2014))

Submissions from 2013

Disappearing Diversity? FCC Deregulation and the Effect on Minority Station Ownership, Jason Allen

Balancing the Scales: Reinstating Home Privacy Without Violence in Indiana, Tyler Anderson
(88 Indiana Law Journal 361 (2013))

The Affordable Care Act and International Recruitment and Migration of Nursing Professionals, Helen D. Arnold
(20 Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies 1373 (2013))

An Unreasonable Application of a Reasonable Standard: Title VII and Sexual Orientation Retaliation, Jorden Colalella

Reintegrating Detroit: Using Affirmative Action to Remedy the Discriminatory Effect of Eminent Domain Takings for Economic Development, Sarah Domin

“Oh, it is you, is it?”: Closing the Door on Reasonable Resistance to Unlawful Police Entry in Indiana, Jesse Drum
(88 Indiana Law Journal 393 (2013))

Violent Sex: How Gender-Based Violence is Structured in Haiti, Healthcare & HIV/AIDS, Chanelle Fox

When Diversity for Diversity's Sake is not Enough: Should Black Immigrants Receive the Benefit of Affirmative Action at the Detriment of Native Blacks?, Cedric Gordon

What Could Be Gained in Translation: Legal Language and Lawyer-Linguists in a Globalized World, Samantha Hargitt
(20 Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies 425 (2013))

Identification Problems and Voting Obstacles for Transgender Americans, James A. Haynes

The Pursuit of "Voluntary" Tax Compliance in a Globalized World, Jennifer Hepp
(20 Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies 449 (2013))

Religiously Devout Judges: A Decision-Making Framework for Judicial Disqualification, Michelle L. Jones
(88 Indiana Law Journal 1089 (2013))

What's in a Name?: Geographical Indicators, Legal Protection, and the Vulnerability of Zinfandel, Stephen M. Jurca
(20 Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies 1445 (2013))

California’s Conversion: A Ban on Minor Conversion Therapy and the Effect on Other States, Julie Laemmle

gMonopoly: Does Search Bias Warrant Antitrust or Regulatory Intervention?, Andrew Langford
(88 Indiana Law Journal 1559 (2013))

Redeeming a Lost Generation: "The Year of Law School Litigation" and the Future of the Law School Transparency Movement, Andrew S. Murphy
(88 Indiana Law Journal 773 (2013))

Defining Fetal Life: An Establishment Clause Analysis of Religiously Motivated Informed Consent Provisions, Justin R. Olson
(88 Indiana Law Journal 1113 (2013))

A New Approach to Digital Reader Privacy; State Regulations and Their Protection of Digital Book Data, Andrew A. Proia
(88 Indiana Law Journal 1593 (2013))

Regulating the Corporate Tap: Applying Global Administrative Law Principles to Achieve the Human Right to Water, Kristin L. Retherford
(88 Indiana Law Journal 811 (2013))

VARA’s Orphans: How Indigenous Artists Can Still Look for Hope in the Moral Rights Regime, Amy Skelton

Changing the Narrative of Neonaticide, Julie Spain

The Recurring Native Response to Global Labor Migration, Patrick W. Thomas
(20 Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies 1393 (2013))

A Diamond Scheme is Forever Lost: The Kimberley Process's Deteriorating Tripartite Structure and its Consequences for the Scheme's Survival, Andrew H. Winetroub
(20 Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies 1425 (2013))

Submissions from 2012

Patents Fettering Reproductive Rights, Scott A. Allen
(87 Indiana Law Journal 445 (2012))

From Betamax to YouTube: How Sony Corporation of America v. Universal City Studios, Inc. Could Still Be a Standard for New Technology, Veronica Corsaro
(64 Federal Communications Law Journal 449 (2012))

Forward Contracts - Prohibitions on Risk and Speculation Under Islamic Law, Nicholas C. Dau-Schmidt
(19 Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies 533 (2012))

The Sky is Not Falling: The Effect of a Performance Right on the Radio Market, Gregory F. Donahue
(87 Indiana Law Journal 1287 (2012))

Renewing the Chase: The First Amendment, Campaign Advertisements, and the Goal of an Informed Citizenry, John Stewart Fleming
(87 Indiana Law Journal 709 (2012))

"Don't Ask, Don't Tell," the Supreme Court, and Lawrence the "Laggard", Audrey K. Hagedorn
(87 Indiana Law Journal 795 (2012))

Wiretapping the Internet: The Expansion of the Communications Assistance to Law Enforcement Act to Extend Government Surveillance, Christa M. Hibbard
(64 Federal Communications Law Journal 371 (2012))

Public Interest Litigation in India as a Paradigm for Developing Nations, Zachary Holladay
(19 Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies 555 (2012))

The Price They Pay: Protecting the Mother-Child Relationship Through the Use of Prison Nurseries and Residential Parenting Programs, Anne E. Jbara
(87 Indiana Law Journal 1825 (2012))

Regulation, Renegotiation, and Reform: Improving Transnational Public-Private Partnerships in the Wake of the Gulf Oil Spill, John J. McKinlay
(87 Indiana Law Journal 1315 (2012))

The Global Crackdown on Insider Trading: A Silver Lining to the "Great Reccession", Christopher P. Montagano
(19 Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies 575 (2012))

Consumer Watchdog: The FCC’s Proposed Rulemaking to Help Consumers Avoid Bill Shock, Cameron Robinson
(64 Federal Communications Law Journal 427 (2012))

Greenpeace, Social Media, and the Possibility of Global Deliberation on the Environment, Michael Roose
(19 Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies 347 (2012))

Harmonization, But Not Homogenization: The Case for Cuban Autonomy in Globalizing Economic Reforms, Heather Shreve
(19 Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies 365 (2012))

Survival of the Standard: Today’s Public Interest Requirement in Television Broadcasting and the Return to Regulation, Drew Simshaw
(64 Federal Communications Law Journal 401 (2012))

Televising the Supreme Court: Why Legislation Fails, R. Patrick Thornberry
(87 Indiana Law Journal 479 (2012))

The Human Right to Water: Will Its Fulfillment Contribute to Environmental Degradation?, Alezah Trigueros
(19 Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies 599 (2012))

Step Aside, Mr. Senator: A Request for Members of the Senate Judiciary Committee To Give Up Their Mics, Paul E. Vaglicia
(87 Indiana Law Journal 1791 (2012))

Department of Defense, Inc.: The DoD's Use of Corporate Strategies to Manage U. S. Overseas Military Bases, Matt Weyand
(19 Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies 391 (2012))

Submissions from 2011

Respect My Authority: Analyzing Claims of Diminished U.S. Supreme Court Influence Abroad, Aaron B. Aft
(18 Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies 421 (2011))

Judicial Review of Public Utility Commissions, Jonathan Armiger
(86 Indiana Law Journal 1163 (2011))

Overwhelmed by Big Consolidation: Bringing Back Regulation to Increase Diversity in Programming That Serves Minority Audiences, Caridad Austin
(63 Federal Communications Law Journal 733 (2011))

It’s a Mad, Mad Internet: Globalization and the Challenges Presented by Internet Censorship, Jessica E. Bauml
(63 Federal Communications Law Journal 697 (2011))

The Alien Tort Statute and Flomo v. Firestone Natural Rubber Company: The Key to Change in Global Child Labor Practices?, Jessica Bergman
(18 Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies 455 (2011))

Are You Ready for Some Football?: How Antitrust Laws Can Be Used to Break Up DirecTV's Exclusive Right to Telecast NFL's Sunday Ticket Package, Ariel Y. Bublick
(64 Federal Communications Law Journal 223 (2011))

Money Can't Buy You Law: The Effects of Foreign Aid on the Rule of Law in Developing Countries, Katherine Erbeznik
(18 Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies 873 (2011))

The Fight for Clean Technology Funds: Who Should Control the Future of Low-Carbon Technology in the Developing World, William Gardner
(18 Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies 481 (2011))

Counting the Costs of a Global Anglophonic Hegemony: Examining the Impact of U.S. Language Education Policy on Linguistic Minorities Worldwide, Stephen M. Harper
(18 Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies 515 (2011))

International Drug Trafficking: A Global Problem with a Domestic Solution, Matthew S. Jenner
(18 Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies 901 (2011))

Obstacles to Accessing the State Justice System in Rural Afghanistan, Kara Jensen
(18 Indiana Journal of Global Legal Stuides 929 (2011))

Teachers' Religious Garb as an Instrument for Globalization in Education, Caitlin S. Kerr
(18 Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies 539 (2011))

From Sovereignty to Responsibility: An Emerging International Norm and Its Call to Action in Burma, Alison McCormick
(18 Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies 563 (2011))

Merit Pay and Pain: Linking Congressional Pay to Performance, Jonathan D. McPike
(86 Indiana Law Journal 335 (2011))

Utopian Justice: A Review of Global Justice, A Cosmopolitan Account, by Gillian Brock, Katelyn Miner
(18 Indiana Journal of Global Legal Stuides 951 (2011))

Fulfilling the Promise of Payne: Creating Participatory Opportunities for Survivors in Capital Cases, Megan A. Mullett
(86 Indiana Law Journal 1618 (2011))

Access to Media All A-Twitter: Revisiting Gertz and the Access to Media Test in the Age of Social Networking, Ann E. O'Connor
(63 Federal Communications Law Journal 507 (2011))

Statewide Cable Franchising: Expand Nationwide or Cut the Cord?, James G. Parker
(64 Federal Communications Law Journal 199 (2011))