Submissions from 1994

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Privacy vs. Convenience: The Benefits and Drawbacks of Tax System Modernization, E. Maria Grace
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Bones of Contention: The Regulation of Paleontological Resources on The Federal Public Lands, David J. Lazerwitz
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Counterspeech as an Alternative to Prohibition: Proposed Federal Regulation of Tobacco Promotion in American Motorsport, David A. Locke
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Stolen from Stardust and Air: Idea Theft in the Entertainment Industry and a Proposal for a Concept Initiator Credit, Robert M. Winteringham
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Submissions from 1993

Fencing Out Politically Unpopular Groups from the Normal Political Processes: The Equal Protection Concerns of Colorado Amendment Two, Craig Cassin Burke
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Economically Targeted Investments: Can Public Pension Plans Do Good and Do Well?, Patrick S. Cross
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The Advocacy of "Constitutional" Conduct, Marshall C. Derks
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Great Words Needed for the Great Lakes: Reasons to Rewrite the Boundary Waters Treaty of 1909, Daniel K. DeWitt
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The American Judicial Review Quagmire: A Canadian Proposal, Caroline S. Earle
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The Political Process as Final Solution, Charles M. Freeland
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The Role of Religious Values in Judicial Decision Making, Scott C. Idleman
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No-Challenge Termination Clauses: Incorporating Innovation Policy and Risk Allocation into Patent Licensing Law, Christian Chadd Taylor
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Property of the Bankruptcy Estate after a Conversion from Chapter 13 to Chapter 7: The Need for a Definite Answer, Robert J. Volpi
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Submissions from 1992

A Medical-Legal Dilemma: When Can "Inappropriate" Nutrition and Hydration be Removed in Indiana?, Kathleen M. Anderson
(67 Indiana Law Journal 479 (1992))

A Matter of "Governing' Importance": Providing Business Defamation and Product Disparagement Defendants Full First Amendment Protection, Lisa Magee Arent
(67 Indiana Law Journal 441 (1992))

Dulling a Needle: Analyzing Federal Employment Restrictions on People with Insulin-Dependent Diabetes, Mark L. Baylor
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Defending the Golden Door: The Persistence of Ad Hoc and Ideological Decision Making in U.S. Refugee Law, J. Michael Cavosie
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Use It and Lose It: The Employer's Absolute Right Under ERISA Section 510 to Engage in Post-Claim Modifications of Employee Welfare Benefit Plans, Carl A. Greci
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The Dormant Commerce Clause After Garcia: An Application to the Interstate Commerce of Sanitary Landfill Space, James Hinshaw
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Selling the Womb: Can the Feminist Critique of Surrogacy Be Answered?, Katherine B. Lieber
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Environmental Impediments to Bankruptcy Reorganizations, James K. McBain
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The Gender Gap: Separating the Sexes in Public Education, Sharon K. Mollman
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Neutral Principles and the Right to Neutral Access to the Courts, Jeffrey R. Pankratz
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Extradition and the Political Offense Exception in the Suppression of Terrorism, Antje C. Petersen
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Why Civil Protection Orders are Effective Remedies for Domestic Violence but Mutual Protective Orders Are Not, Elizabeth Topliffe
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Eliminating Sex Discrimination in the Legal Profession: The Key to Widespread Social Reform, Suzannah Bex Wilson
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Submissions from 1991

Defining "Co-Party" Within Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 13(g): Are Cross-Claims Between Original Defendants and Third-Party Defendants Allowable?, John D. Bessler
(66 Indiana Law Journal 549 (1991))

Kids Behind Bars: The Legality of Incarcerating Juveniles in Adult Jails, Kristina H. Chung
(66 Indiana Law Journal 999 (1991))

State Assault Rifle Bans and the Militia Clauses of the United States Constitution, Keith R. Fafarman
(67 Indiana Law Journal 187 (1991))

Bent Fish: Issues of Ownership and Infringement in Digitally Processed Images, John Gastineau
(67 Indiana Law Journal 95 (1991))

In Memoriam: F. Reed Dickerson, John Gastineau
(67 Indiana Law Journal (1991))

Drug Testing and Welfare: Taking the Drug War to Unconstitutional Limits?, Philippa M. Guthrie
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Target Corporations, Hostile Horizontal Takeovers and Antitrust Injury Under Section 16 of the Clayton Act after Cargill, Brent W. Huber
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Alter[ing] People's Perceptions: The Challenge Facing Advocates of Ancillary Business Practices, Marjorie Meeks
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Challenging Sodomy Statutes: State Constitutional Protections for Sexual Privacy, Julie A. Morris
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An Audience for the Amish: A Communication Based Approach to the Development of Law, MaryAnn Schlegel Ruegger
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The Heileman Power: Well-Honed Tool or Blunt Instrument?, Thomas A. Tozer
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Modern Confession Law After Duckworth v. Eagan: What's The Use of Explaining?, Julia C. Weissman
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Resurrecting State and Local Race-Conscious Set-Aside Programs, Charlotte F. Westerhaus
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Union Representation Election Reform: Equal Access and the Excelsior Rule, Randall J. White
(67 Indiana Law Journal 129 (1991))

The Politics of Toleration: The Establishment Clause and the Act of Toleration Examined, Laura Zwicker
(66 Indiana Law Journal 773 (1991))

Submissions from 1990

Resolving Retroactivity After: Teague v. Lane, Ellen E. Boshkoff
(65 Indiana Law Journal 651 (1990))

Using Risk Analysis to Classify Junk Bonds as Equity for Federal Income Tax Purposes, David V. Ceryak
(66 Indiana Law Journal 273 (1990))

The Solicitor General and the Evolution of Activism, James L. Cooper
(65 Indiana Law Journal 675 (1990))

Restraining the Overly Zealous Advocate: Time for Judicial Intervention, Paul Lowell Haines
(65 Indiana Law Journal 445 (1990))

Arbitration of Securities Disputes: Rodriguez and New Arbitration Rules Leave Investors Holding a Mixed Bag, William C. Hermann
(65 Indiana Law Journal 697 (1990))

Putative Fathers and Parental Interests: A Search for Protection, Stacy Lynn Hill
(65 Indiana Law Journal 939 (1990))

Substantive Due Process Analysis and the Lockean Liberal Tradition: Rethinking the Modern Privacy Cases, Jeffrey S. Koehlinger
(65 Indiana Law Journal 723 (1990))

Dancing in the Dark: The Eighth circuit's Interpretation of the Establishment Clause in Clayton by Clayton v. Place, Jeffrey A. Leon
(66 Indiana Law Journal 315 (1990))

"Inherent Power" and Rule 16, How Far Can a Federal Court Push the Litigant Toward Settlement?, David A. Rammelt
(65 Indiana Law Journal 965 (1990))

Dual Banking and State Bank Insurance Powers: Diversifying Financial Services Through the Back Door, Michael E. Schrader
(66 Indiana Law Journal 295 (1990))

The Doctrine of In Loco Parentis, Tort Liability and the Student-College Relationship, Theodore C. Stamatakos
(65 Indiana Law Journal 471 (1990))

The Capital Markets in Transition: A Response to New SEC Rule 144A, Kellye Y. Testy
(66 Indiana Law Journal 233 (1990))

Submissions from 1989

Economic Analysis in the Courts: Limits and Constraints, Larry L. Chubb
(64 Indiana Law Journal 769 (1989))

Arguments Appealing to Racial Prejudice: Uncertainty, Impartiality, and the Harmless Error Doctrine, Steven D. DeBrota
(64 Indiana Law Journal 375 (1989))

Pushing Aside the General Rule in Order to Raise New Issues on Appeal, Rhett R. Dennerline
(64 Indiana Law Journal 985 (1989))

Statutes Limiting Mental Health Professional's Liability for the Violent Acts of Their Patients, Michael R. Geske
(64 Indiana Law Journal 391 (1989))

Shacking Up with the First Amendment: Symbolic Expression and the Public University, Laura L. Goodman
(64 Indiana Law Journal 711 (1989))

The Standard of Admissibility of a Physician's Expert Testimony in a Chiropractor Malpractice Action, Susan M. Hobson
(64 Indiana Law Journal 737 (1989))

Constitutional Defenses Against Punitive Damages: Down But Not Out, Nicholas K. Kile
(65 Indiana Law Journal 141 (1989))

Sources of Judicial Distrust of Social Science Evidence: A Comparison of Social Science and Jurisprudence, Constance R. Lindman
(64 Indiana Law Joural 755 (1989))

The Role of the Family in Cadaveric Organ Procurement, Chad D. Naylor
(65 Indiana Law Journal 167 (1989))

On the Telos of Man and Law: An Essay Concerning Morality and Positive Law, William N. Riley
(64 Indiana Law Journal 965 (1989))

The Beggar's Free Speech, Anthony J. Rose
(65 Indiana Law Journal 191 (1989))

Keeping the Camel's Nose Out of the Tent: The Constitutionality of N.L.R.B. Jurisdiction Over Employees of Religious Institutions, Ellyn S. Rosen
(64 Indiana Law Journal 1015 (1989))

The Criminalization of Maternal Conduct During Pregnancy: A Decisionmaking Model for Lawyers, Elizabeth L. Thompson
(64 Indiana Law Journal 357 (1989))

Blind Man's Bluff: An Analysis of the Discovery of Expert Witnesses Under Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 26(b)(4) and a Proposed Amendment, Mathew R. Wildermuth
(64 Indiana Law Journal 925 (1989))

Submissions from 1988

Compensation for Regulatory Takings: Finality of Local Decisionmaking and the Measure of Compensation, David A. Arrensen
(63 Indiana Law Journal 649 (1988))

Recovering Costs for Cleaning Up Hazardous Waste Sites: An Examination of State Superlien Statutes, Douglas C. Ballantine
(63 Indiana Law Journal 571 (1988))

Free Exercise and Dress Codes: Toward a More Consistent Protection of a Fundamental Right, Dale E. Carpenter
(63 Indiana Law Journal 601 (1988))