Contained in this collection are articles written by Maurer students. Although most of these articles were published in our law journals, some may have been published elsewhere.

Submissions from 1996

The Condom Crisis: An Application of Feminist Legal Theory to AIDS Prevention in African Women, Anne N. Arbuckle
(3 Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies 413 (1996))

A Call for More Lenient Director Liability Standards for Small, Charitable Nonprofit Corporations, David W. Barrett
(71 Indiana Law Journal 967 (1996))

The Computer as Advocate: An Approach to Computer-Generated Displays in the Courtroom, Mario Borelli
(71 Indiana Law Journal 439 (1996))

Strict Criminal Liability for Environmental Violations: A Need for Judicial Restraint, Kepten D. Carmichael
(71 Indiana Law Journal 729 (1996))

Affirmative Action in Higher Education: Lessons and Directions from the Supreme Court, Krista L. Cosner
(71 Indiana Law Journal 1003 (1996))

A Return to Written Consent: A Proposal to the FCC to Eliminate Slamming, Nicole C. Daniel
(49 Federal Communications Law Journal 227 (1996))

The Criminal Time Bomb: An Examination of the Effect of the Russian Mafia on the Newly Independent State of the Former Soviet Union, Peter Daniel DiPaola
(4 Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies 145 (1996))

"Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics"? Psychological Syndrome Evidence in the Courtroom After Daubert, Krista L. Duncan
(71 Indiana Law Journal 753 (1996))

How the Tobacco Industry May Pay for Public Health Care Expenditures Caused by Smoking: A Look at the Next Wave of Suits Against the Tobacco Industry, Mark D. Fridy
(72 Indiana Law Journal 235 (1996))

Beyond Bread and Butter: The Political Paradigm of Management Training, David J.B. Froiland
(72 Indiana Law Journal 215 (1996))

The International Conference on Harmonization of Pharmaceutical Regulations, the European Medicines Evaluation Agency, and the FDA: Who's Zooming Who?, Dan Kidd
(4 Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies 183 (1996))

Spectrum Bids, Bets, and Budgets: Seeking an Optimal Allocation and Assignment for Domestic Commercial Electromagnetic Spectrum Products, Services, and Technology, William Kummel
(48 Federal Communications Law Journal 511 (1996))

Turning Back the Clock: The Unfunded Mandates Reform Act of 1995 and Its Effective Repeal of Environmental Legislation, Susan E. Leckrone
(71 Indiana Law Journal 1029 (1996))

Cooperative Standard Setting: The Road to Compatibility or Deadlock? The NAFTA's Transformation of the Telecommunications Industry, Karen E. Lee
(48 Federal Communications Law Journal 487 (1996))

Fixation on Fixation: Why Imposing Old Copyright Law on New Technology Will Not Work, Douglas J. Mason
(71 Indiana Law Journal 1049 (1996))

Brother, Can You Spare a Dime: Tax Increment Financing in Indiana, Catherine Michael
(71 Indiana Law Journal 457 (1996))

Insurance Discrimination Against Battered Women: Proposed Legislative Protections, Ellen J. Morrison
(72 Indiana Law Journal 259 (1996))

Editor's Note, Dawn A. Noble
(48 Federal Communications Law Journal (1996))

Foreign Legal Consultants: The Changing Role of the Lawyer in a Global Economy, Andrew Pardieck
(3 Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies 457 (1996))

Graduate Students' Ownership and Attribution Rights in Intellectual Property, Sandip H. Patel
(71 Indiana Law Journal 481 (1996))

The Big Push: Emigration in the Age of Environmental Catastrophe, William Plummer
(4 Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies 231 (1996))

A Double-Barrelled Assault: How Technology and Judicial Interpretations Threaten Public Access to Law Enforcement Records, Jamison S. Prime
(48 Federal Communications Law Journal 341 (1996))

Taking a Closer Look at the Plight of Third-Country Nationals: Making the Case Against Legislative Reform, Connie Bauswell Saylor
(3 Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies 481 (1996))

Freedom of Information Statutes: The Unfulfilled Legacy, Laura Schenck
(48 Federal Communications Law Journal 371 (1996))

The Title IX Tug-of-War and Intercollegiate Athletics in the 1990's: Nonrevenue Men's Teams Join Women Athletes in the Scramble for Survival, Susan M. Shook
(71 Indiana Law Journal 773 (1996))

Religious Visitation Constraints on the Noncustodial Parent: The Need for National Application of a Uniform Compelling Interest Test, Kevin S. Smith
(71 Indiana Law Journal 815 (1996))

Paternalism Versus Pugnacity: The Right to Counsel in Japan and the United States, David A. Suess
(72 Indiana Law Journal 291 (1996))

The Caring Influence: Beyond Autonomy as the Foundation of Undue Influence, Trent J. Thornley
(71 Indiana Law Journal 513 (1996))

Efforts Toward "An Ever Closer" European Union Confront Immigration Barriers, Giovanna I. Wolf
(4 Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies 223 (1996))

Preserving Family Unity: The Rights of Children to Maintain the Companionship of their Parents and Remain in their Country of Birth, Giovanna I. Wolf
(4 Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies 207 (1996))

Submissions from 1995

Gay Marriage - A Modern Proposal: Applying Baehr v. Lewin to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, Anne M. Burton
(3 Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies 177 (1995))

The Indiana Environmental Policy Act: Casting a New Role for a Forgotten Statute, Jeffrey L. Carmichael
(70 Indiana Law Journal 613 (1995))

Applying the Break: Religion and the Peremptory Challenge, J. Suzanne Bell Chambers
(70 Indiana Law Journal 569 (1995))

Solving the Kidney Shortage Crisis Through the Use of Non-Heart-Beating Cadaveric Donors: Legal Endorsement of Perfusion as a Standard Procedure, Marla K. Clark
(70 Indiana Law Journal 929 (1995))

Flag on the Play? The Siphoning Effect on Sports Television, Phillip M. Cox II
(47 Federal Communications Law Journal 571 (1995))

Raise The Yellow Submarine! Subafilms and Extraterritorial Application of the Copyright Act, Michael T. Crowley
(48 Federal Communications Law Journal 133 (1995))

The ADA and the NLRA: Balancing Individual and Collective Rights, Robert A. Dubault
(70 Indiana Law Journal 1271 (1995))

The Use of Penalty Clauses in Location Incentive Agreements, Matthew T. Furton
(70 Indiana Law Journal 1009 (1995))

Great Lakes Water Quality Initiative: National Standards Governing A Binational Resource A Call for International Rulemaking, Sean P. Gallagher
(2 Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies 465 (1995))

International Reaction to Hong Kong's Countdown to 1997: Doors Open to Hong Kong's Emigrants, Susan Goldammer
(3 Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies 267 (1995))

'Jurassic' Trade Dispute: The Exclusion of the Audiovisual Sector from the GATT, Jonas M. Grant
(70 Indiana Law Journal 1333 (1995))

Up In Smoke: The FTC's Refusal to Apply the "Unfairness Doctrine" to Camel Cigarette Advertising, John Harrington
(47 Federal Communications Law Journal 593 (1995))

The United States Olympic Committee and the Suspension of Athletes: Reforming Grievance Procedures Under the Amateur Sports Act of 1978, Ellis E. Hollis III
(71 Indiana Law Journal 183 (1995))

Too Much Waste: A Proposal for Change in the Government's Effort to Clean Up the Nation, Ian G. John
(70 Indiana Law Journal 951 (1995))

Mandatory Disclosure Can Improve the Discovery System, Angela R. Lang
(70 Indiana Law Journal 657 (1995))

The Strategic Targeting of Diligence: A New Perspective on Stemming the Illicit Trade in Art, Julia A. McCord
(70 Indiana Law Journal 985 (1995))

National and International Copyright Liability for Electronic System Operators, Charles J. Meyer
(2 Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies 497 (1995))

It's Nothing Personal: The Public Costs of Limited Liability Law Partnerships, N. Scott Murphy
(71 Indiana Law Journal 201 (1995))

The African Elephant, Africa, and CITES: The Next Step, Bill Padgett
(2 Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies 529 (1995))

Constitutional Analysis of Indiana's Controlled Substance Excise Tax, F. Anthony Paganelli
(70 Indiana Law Journal 1301 1995))

Your Life as an Open Book: Has Technology Rendered Personal Privacy Virtually Obsolete?, Sandra Byrd Peterson
(48 Federal Communications Law Journal 163 (1995))

Discrimination, Deceit, and Legal Decoys: The Diversion of After-Acquired Evidence and the Focus Restored by McKennon v. Nashville Banner Publishing Company, Elissa J. Preheim
(71 Indiana Law Journal 235 (1995))

Global Benefits Versus Local Concerns: The Need for a Bird's Eye View of Nuclear Energy, Kathleen C. Reilly
(70 Indiana Law Journal 679 (1995))

The Politics of Western Immigration, Stephen E. Scheele
(3 Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies 277 (1995))

Strange Fixation: Bootleg Sound Recordings Enjoy the Benefits of Improving Technology, David Schwartz
(47 Federal Communications Law Journal 611 (1995))

In God We Trust; All Others Who Enter This Store Are Subject to Surveillance, Karen A. Springer
(48 Federal Communications Law Journal 187 (1995))

Money Talks: The First Amendment Implications of Counterfeiting Law, Julie K. Staple
(71 Indiana Law Journal 153 (1995))

Immigration Crisis in Federalism: A Comparison of the United States and Canada, Kevin Tessier
(3 Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies 211 (1995))

Immigration Law in the Russian Federation, Kevin Tessier
(3 Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies 245 (1995))

The Challenge of Immigration Policy in the New South Africa, Kevin Tessier
(3 Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies 255 (1995))

The New Slave Trade: The International Crisis of Immigrant Smuggling, Kevin Tessier
(3 Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies 261 (1995))

The Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction: Are the Convention's Goals Being Achieved?, Julia A. Todd
(2 Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies 553 (1995))

Submissions from 1994

Checking the "Trigger-Happy" Congress: The Extraterritorial Extension of Federal Employment Laws Requires Prudence, Derek G. Barella
(69 Indiana Law Journal 889 (1994))

The Remedial Use of Race-Based Redistricting After Shaw v. Reno, David O. Barrett
(70 Indiana Law Journal 255 (1994))

An Analysis of the United Nations International Tribunal to Adjudicate War Crimes Committed in the Former Yugoslavia: Parallels, Problems, Prospects, Mark A. Bland
(2 Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies 233 (1994))

Taiwan's Application to the GATT: A New Urgency with the Conclusion of the Uruguay Round, Susanna Chan
(2 Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies 275 (1994))

Reading, Writing, and Sexual Harassment: Finding a Constitutional Remedy When Schools Fail to Address Peer Abuse, Karen Mellencamp Davis
(69 Indiana Law Journal 1123 (1994))

A Response to "Nannygate": Untangling U.S. Immigration Law to Enable American Parents to Hire Foreign Child Care Providers, Kathleen A. Delaney
(70 Indiana Law Journal 305 (1994))

Perfection by Possession in Article 9: Challenging the Arcane but Honored Rule, David A. Ebroon
(69 Indiana Law Journal 1093 (1994))

Republican Constitutional Skepticism and Congressional Reform, Thomas Molnar Fisher
(69 Indiana Law Journal 1215 (1994))

Preserving the Purchasing Power of Child Support Awards: Can the Use of Escalator Clauses be Justified After the Family Support Act?, Sarah K. Funke
(69 Indiana Law Journal 921 (1994))

Privacy vs. Convenience: The Benefits and Drawbacks of Tax System Modernization, E. Maria Grace
(47 Federal Communications Law Journal 409 (1994))

MARPOL 73/78 and Vessel Pollution: A Glass Half Full or Half Empty?, Andrew Griffin
(1 Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies 489 (1994))

The Integration of Banking and Telecommunications: The Need for Regulatory Reform, Kalpak S. Gude
(46 Federal Communications Law Journal 521 (1994))

Swaps Ahoy! Should Regulators Voyage Into Unknown Waters?, Marc A. Horwitz
(1 Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies 515 (1994))

Collapsing the Legal Impediments to Indemnification, Clark C. Johnson
(69 Indiana Law Journal 867 (1994))

Bones of Contention: The Regulation of Paleontological Resources on The Federal Public Lands, David J. Lazerwitz
(69 Indiana Law Journal 601 (1994))

Counterspeech as an Alternative to Prohibition: Proposed Federal Regulation of Tobacco Promotion in American Motorsport, David A. Locke
(70 Indiana Law Journal 217 (1994))

Experts, Liars, and Guns for Hire: A Different Perspective on the Qualification of Technical Expert Witnesses, Christopher P. Murphy
(69 Indiana Law Journal 637 (1994))

Felony-Murder Doctrine Through the Federal Looking Glass, Henry S. Noyes
(69 Indiana Law Journal 533 (1994))

Attorney's Fees in Chapter 11 Reorganization: A Case for Modified Procedures, Brenda Hacker Osborne
(69 Indiana Law Journal 581 (1994))

Microsoft: A Case Study in International Competitiveness, High Technology, and the Future of Antitrust Law, Amy C. Page
(47 Federal Communications Law Journal 99 (1994))

"Mother," "Parent," and Bias, A. Jasmine Rassam
(69 Indiana Law Journal 1165 (1994))

Public Access: Fortifying the Electronic Soapbox, Jason Roberts
(47 Federal Communications Law Journal 123 (1994))

Legislative Intent vs. Executive Non-Enforcement: A New Bounty Statute as a Solution to Executive Usurpation of Congressional Power, George R. Rogers
(69 Indiana Law Journal 1257 (1994))

Analysis of the Technical and Economic Issues Raised in the Consideration of International Telecommunications Satellite Systems Separate from INTELSAT, Chris Rourk
(46 Federal Communications Law Journal 329 (1994))

A Proposal to Improve the Treatment of Women in Asylum Law: Adding a "Gender" Category to the International Definition of "Refugee", Todd Stewart Schenk
(2 Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies 301 (1994))

The Title VII Pretext Question: Resolved in Light of St. Mary's Honor Center v. Hicks, Robert J. Smith
(70 Indiana Law Journal 281 (1994))

Ain't Nothin' Like the Real Thing, Baby : The Right of Publicity and the Singing Voice, Russell A. Stamets
(46 Federal Communications Law Journal 347 (1994))

Missed Connections: One Failed Attempt to Ease Restrictions on Bell Operating Companies, Jeffrey Walker
(47 Federal Communications Law Journal 439 (1994))

A Critique of an Illegal Conduct Limitation on the Reporters' Privilege Not to Testify, Leslie A. Warren
(46 Federal Communications Law Journal 549 (1994))

Stolen from Stardust and Air: Idea Theft in the Entertainment Industry and a Proposal for a Concept Initiator Credit, Robert M. Winteringham
(46 Federal Communications Law Journal 373 (1994))

Submissions from 1993

Fencing Out Politically Unpopular Groups from the Normal Political Processes: The Equal Protection Concerns of Colorado Amendment Two, Craig Cassin Burke
(69 Indiana Law Journal 275 (1993))

Economically Targeted Investments: Can Public Pension Plans Do Good and Do Well?, Patrick S. Cross
(68 Indiana Law Journal 931 (1993))

The Advocacy of "Constitutional" Conduct, Marshall C. Derks
(68 Indiana Law Journal 1385 (1993))

Great Words Needed for the Great Lakes: Reasons to Rewrite the Boundary Waters Treaty of 1909, Daniel K. DeWitt
(69 Indiana Law Journal 299 (1993))

The American Judicial Review Quagmire: A Canadian Proposal, Caroline S. Earle
(68 Indiana Law Journal 1357 (1993))

The Political Process as Final Solution, Charles M. Freeland
(68 Indiana Law Journal 525 (1993))

The Violence Against Women Act: Civil Rights for Sexual Assault Victims, W. H. Hallock
(68 Indiana Law Journal 577 (1993))

The Role of Religious Values in Judicial Decision Making, Scott C. Idleman
(68 Indiana Law Journal 433 (1993))