Submissions from 2020

Addressing the High School Sexual Assault Epidemic: Preventive and Responsive Solutions, Carolyn Haney

The Child Welfare System: A Misnomer in Need of Services, Allison Hilmer

There’s Nothing Worse than Losing to a Girl: An Analysis of Sex Segregation in American Youth Sports, Julia Konieczny

Revenge Porn and the ACLU’s Inconsistent Approach, Elena Lentz

Arizona's Torres v. Terrell and Section 318.03: The Wild West of Pre-Embryo Disposition, Catherine Wheatley
(95 Indiana Law Journal 299 (2020))

Submissions from 2019

Implicit Bias In The Judiciary: Confronting The Problem Through Normalization, Meagan Biwer

Emissions Trading In The United States: Using RGGI As A Model For Addressing Disproportionate Impacts Of Climate Change, Joshua T. Bleisch

A Proposal to Amend Rule of Evidence 404 To Admit "Prior Acts" Evidence in Domestic Violence Prosecutions, Corttany Brooks

To Secede or Not Secede? Is It Even Possible?, T. Z. Cook
(26 Indiana J. Global Legal Studies 381 (2019))

Corporate Criminal Liability: Toward a Compliance-Orientated Approach, Gustavo A. Jimenez
(26 Indiana J. Global Legal Studies 353 (2019))

Younger Generations are Infected by Continuous Socialization to Accept Diminished Privacy: A Global Analysis of How the United States' Constitutional Doctrine Is a Main Contributor to Eroded Privacy, Tiffany Kim
(26 Indiana J. Global Legal Studies 335 (2019))

A Georgist Perspective of Petroleum Taxation, Joseph Leeson
(26 Indiana J. Global Legal Studies 695 (2019))

Reporting That Matters: A Comparative Law Study on Probation Officers in the Juvenile Justice Systems of the United States and the Republic of Ireland, Nicholas Minaudo

Rebutting Binary Sanity: Ohio's Opportunity to Overturn Wilcox and Recognize Diminished Capacity in Mentally Ill Defendants, Ashley L. Moore

Defining Critical Infrastructure for a Global Application, Colleen M. Newbill
(26 Indiana J. Global Legal Studies 761 (2019))

States Rise to the Front of Climate Legislation, but Can a State-Level Carbon Tax Work?, Katelyn Nicasio
(94 Indiana Law Journal 751 (2019))

Data Protection in an Increasingly Globalized World, Nicholas F. Palmieri III
(94 Indiana Law Journal 297 (2019))

Assessment of Federal Rule of Evidence 609 and the Necessity of a Deeper Collaboration with the Social Sciences for Racial Equality, Carta H. Robison

The Sea of the Universe: How Maritime Law's Limitation on Liability Gets it Right, and Why Space Law Should Follow By Example, Rachel Rogers
(26 Indiana J. Global Legal Studies 741 (2019))

Taming Sherman's Wilderness, Derrian Smith
(94 Indiana Law Journal 1223 (2019))

Enforcement Mechanisms for International Standards of Judicial Independence: The Role of Government and Private Actors, Rachel Stopchinski
(26 Indiana J. Global Legal Studies 673 (2019))

Draining the Flooded Markets: Tariffs, Suniva & Solar Energy Investment, Michael A. Stroup
(26 Indiana J. Global Legal Studies 317 (2019))

"Believe Me," We Do Not Have a Foreign Emoluments Clause Violation, Scotty N. Teal
(26 Indiana J. Global Legal Studies 717 (2019))

The Noisy "Silent Witness": The Misperception and Misuse of Criminal Video Evidence, Aaron M. Williams
(94 Indiana Law Journal 1651 (2019))

BC Ranch II v. Commissioner: A Flexible Approach to Perpetual Conservation Easements, Victoria Wolfe
(94 Indiana Law Journal 331 (2019))

Submissions from 2018

The Promises and Pitfalls of Harmonization: What Insurance Guarantee Schemes Tell Us About When Harmonization Works, Jordan Burton
(93 Indiana Law Journal 1263 (2018))

Evading Constitutional Challenge: DAPA's Implications for Future Exercises of Executive Enforcement Discretion, Lucy Chauvin
(93 Indiana Law Journal Supplement 139 (2018))

Rivals in Arms: Sino-U.S. Cooperation, Problems, and Solutions and Their Impact on the International UAV Industry, Bei-Er Cheok
(25 Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies 729 (2018))

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's Structural Integrity and a Call for Adaptive and Incremental Agency Design Policy, Hannah Clendening
(93 Indiana Law Journal 1279 (2018))

Conflicting Approaches to Addressing Ex-Offender Unemployment: The Work Opportunity Tax Credit and Ban the Box, Katherine English
(93 Indiana Law Journal 513 (2018))

Unfinished Uniformity in Systematic Sentencing: Oppressive Treatment and Disproportionate Punishment Outcomes for Black Women in Federal Prisons, Alexandria M. Foster

Is "Zero Tolerance" the Solution? Using Non-Punitive Policies in the Workplace to Reduce Domestic Violence, Tristan C. Fretwell

Learning from Law Students: How PhDs Might Seek Legal Remedy in the Face of Widespread Unemployment, Emily Grothoff
(93 Indiana Law Journal 1299 (2018))

Marching to the Beat of the EU's Drum: Refining the Collective Management of Music Rights in the United States to Facilitate the Growth of Interactive Streaming, Gary W. Hunt III
(25 Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies 755 (2018))

The Resilient Foundation of Democracy: The Legal Deconstruction of the Washington Posts's Condemnation of Edward Snowden, Hanna Kim
(93 Indiana Law Journal 533 (2018))

Locked Away in SEG “For Their Own Protection”: How Congress Gave Federal Corrections the Discretion to House Transgender (Trans) Inmates in Gender-Inappropriate Facilities and Solitary Confinement, Ash Olli Kulak

Taxonomy of Minority Governments, Lisa La Fornara

Islam's (In)compatibility with the West?: Dress Code Restrictions in the Age of Feminism, Lisa M. La Fornara
(25 Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies 463 (2018))

Rewriting the FMLA: Introducing Intermittent Bonding Leave to Combat Gender Norms Facing Working Mothers, Melissa Latini

We Are All Farkhunda: An Examination of the Treatment of Women within Afghanistan's Formal Legal System, Ashley Lenderman

How to Improve the Debt Ceiling to Fit a Partisan Government: A Global Examination of Which International Solutions Excel, Sarah Love
(25 Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies 775 (2018))

The Globalization of United States Debt: The Real Impact of China's Rise as a Creditor State, Michael R. Myers
(25 Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies 495 (2018))

Congressional Authorization of the Campaign Against ISIL, Tyler Salway
(93 Indiana Law Journal Supplement 115 (2018))

Recognizing America's "Religious Nones" and Their Influence on Political and Legal Norms, Samuel Seeds

The Japanese Impact on Global Drone Policy and Law: Why a Laggard United States and Other Nations Should Look to Japan in the Context of Drone Usage, Kaitlin D. Sheets
(25 Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies 513 (2018))

Legitimacy and Protection Against Sexual Orientation Discrimination Under Title VII, Matt Snodgrass
(93 Indiana Law Journal 895 (2018))

Legislative Committee Systems: A Design Perspective, Chase Stoddard

America's Past-time and the Art of Diplomacy, Alyson St. Pierre
(25 Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies 797 (2018))

The Inevitable United States Adoption of IFRS: How and Why the United States Should Be Prepared, Erika M. Tribuzi
(25 Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies 817 (2018))

Food Insecurity & The French Solution to an American Epidemic, Kelsey Walsh

After the European Commission Ordered Apple to Pay Back Taxes to Ireland: Ireland's Future in the New Global Tax Environment, Boyu Wang
(25 Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies 539 (2018))

Submissions from 2017

National Protection of Student-Athlete Mental Health: The Case for Federal Regulation over the National Collegiate Athletic Association, Jayce Born
(92 Indiana Law Journal 1221 (2017))

Irreconcilable Principles: Minority Rights, Immigration, and a Religious State, Abigael C. Bosch
(24 Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies 253 (2017))

Looking Beyond the Veil, Immanuel Chioco
(24 Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies 547 (2017))

Organizing in the Shadows: Limits on Union Organization of Undocumented Day Laborers, Paige Coomer

Eliminating Circuit-Split Disparities in Federal Sentencing Under the Post-Booker Guidelines, Elliot Edwards
(92 Indiana Law Journal 817 (2017))

The Domino Effect: How Inadequate Intellectual Property Rights in the Fashion Industry Affect Global Sustainability, Cassandra Elrod
(24 Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies 573 (2017))

Adrift in the Sea: The Impact of the Business Supply Chain Transparency on Trafficking and Slavery Act of 2015 on Forced Labor in the Thai Fishing Industry, Katharine Fischman
(24 Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies 227 (2017))

What does the Foxx say? An Analysis on the Potential Impact of the EEOC’s Official Position that Discrimination on the Basis of Sexual Orientation is itself a Form of Sex Discrimination, Elizabeth Halet

Empowering Sister Wives: Why the Relationships Between Wives in Polygynous Marriages Deserve Legal Recognition, Stephanie Halsted

The Death of OPEC? The Displacement of Saudi Arabia as the World's Swing Producer and the Futility of an Output Freeze, Christopher Hanewald
(24 Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies 277 (2017))

From Suspended to Destitute: The Disproportionate Effect of Out-of-School Suspensions on Low-Income Families, Francesca Hoffmann

Executive Branch Fact Deference as a Separation of Powers Principle, Emily A. Kile
(92 Indiana Law Journal 1635 (2017))

Realizing an Opportunity: Limiting the Power of the Executive in the Iraqi Constitution, Cory Kopitzke

Security Council Resolution 2178 (2014): An Ineffective Response to the Foreign Terrorist Fighter Phenomenon, Cory Kopitzke
(24 Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies 309 (2017))

"To Hell in a Handbasket": Teachers, Free Speech, and Matters of Public Concern in the Social Media World, Jessica O. Laurin
(92 Indiana Law Journal 1615 (2017))

Retooling the ILO: How a New Enforcement Wing Can Help the ILO Reach its Goal Through Regional Free Trade Agreements, Thomas Payne
(24 Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies 597 (2017))

A Taxonomy of Independent Electoral Reapportionment Systems, James Ruley

One Person, One Vote: Gerrymandering and the Independent Commission, A Global Perspective, James Ruley
(92 Indiana Law Journal 783 (2017))

A Picture's Worth: The Future of Copyright Protection of User-Generated Images on Social Media, Elizabeth Tao
(24 Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies 617 (2017))

Poverty and Patents: Intellectual Property Policy and Economic Inequality, Wenkai Tzeng

Submissions from 2016

Rethinking Article 422: A Retrospective on Ecuador's 2008 Constitutional ISDS Recalibration, Alexander B. Avtgis

Picking Up the Slackline: Can the United States and Japan Successfully Regulate Commercial Fishing of Bluefin Tuna Following Failed Intergovernmental Attempts?, Sarah E. Bauer
(91 Indiana Law Journal Supplement 105 (2016))

The Politics of Electoral Systems in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Dardan Berisha

Taking to the Sea: The Modern Seasteading Movement in the Context of Other Historical Intentional Communities, Megan Binder
(23 Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies 765 (2016))

Global Insecurity: How Risk Theory Gave Rise to Global Police Militarization, Nicholas S. Bolduc
(23 Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies 267 (2016))

Free Tilly?: Legal Personhood for Animals and the Intersectionality of the Civil & Animal Rights Movements, Becky Boyle

"Bring Your Own Device" Policies Also Bring Complications in Workplace Sexual Harassment Lawsuits, Morgan Davenport

Wiggle Room: Problems and Virtues of the Inwood Standard, Rian C. Dawson
(91 Indiana Law Journal 549 (2016))

“I Must Tell the Whole World”: Septimus Smith as Virginia Woolf’s Legal Messenger, Riley H. Floyd
(91 Indiana Law Journal 1473 (2016))

North Carolina State Board of Dental Examiners v. FTC: Aligning Antitrust Law with Commerce Clause Jurisprudence Through a Natural Shift of State-Federal Balance of Power, Marie Forney
(92 Indiana Law Journal 365 (2016))

Increasing Health Care Access in Yemen Through Community-Based Health Insurance, Matthew Fuss
(23 Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies 795 (2016))

Indiana’s Texting-While-Driving Ban: Why Is It Not Working and How Could It Be Better?, Emma Gormley
(91 Indiana Law Journal Supplement 87 (2016))

Citizens of Sinking Islands: Early Victims of Climate Change, Erin Halstead
(23 Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies 819 (2016))

Color Blocking: How the Harmonization of Color Protection May Catalyze Color Depletion in Global Markets, Arsha Hasan
(23 Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies 293 (2016))

Mannington Mills, Inc. v. Congoleum Corp.: A Perfect Storm of Extraterritoriality in Patent and Antitrust Law, Benjamin Holt
(23 Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies 839 (2016))

Exploring an Old Act for New Protections: How Title II of the ADA Protects Pregnant Women Undergoing Methadone Treatment from State Agency Child Removal, Haley Johnston

The Vote is Precious, Melissa A. Logan

The Voice of the People: Public Participation in the African Continent, Rafael Macia

Will the Ebola Epidemic Serve To Make Reform of the Broken Health Research and Development Framework Go Viral?, Jeremy McDonald
(23 Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies 865 (2016))

The Race to Safety: How Private Lawmaking and Voluntary-Standard Adoption Can Inspire a Global Regime that Strengthens and Harmonizes Product Safety Standards, Alexandra Muir
(23 Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies 323 (2016))

Toward an International Constitution of Patient Rights, Alison Poklaski
(23 Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies 893 (2016))

Surrogacy and Citizenship: A Conjunctive Solution to a Global Problem, Caitlin Pyrce
(23 Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies 925 (2016))

Wanted for Being a Pregnant Teen: A Draconian Approach to Reducing Teen Pregnancy and Prosecuting Statutory Rape, Haddy Rikabi

A Referee Without a Whistle: Magistrate Judges and Discovery Sanctions in the Seventh Circuit, Landyn Wm. Rookard
(91 Indiana Law Journal 569 (2016))

Pathways to Leadership: Four Women's Journeys to the Peace Negotiation Table in the Fight for Democracy in Burma, Brittany Shelmon

It Saves To Be Healthy: Using the Tax Code To Incentivize Employer-Provided Wellness Benefits, Hilary R. Shepherd
(91 Indiana Law Journal 597 (2016))

Hydropower Development and Involuntary Displacement: Toward a Global Solution, Ali VanCleef
(23 Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies 349 (2016))

SEQUELA: Casey, Gonzales, and State Legislatures' Unscrupulous Use of Science in Crafting Legislation to Regulate Pregnant Women and Women's Access to Reproductive Health, Samantha von Ende

Terra Firma as Open Seas: Interpreting Kiobel in the Failed State Context, Drew F. Waldbeser
(91 Indiana Law Journal 1493 (2016))