Submissions from 2015

Non-Marital Families and (Or After?) Marriage Equality, Deborah A. Widiss
(42 Florida State University Law Review 547 (2015))

Practical Tips for Interpreting Statutory Overrides, Deborah A. Widiss
(71 Advocate 18 (Summer 2015))

Still Kickin’ After All These Years: Sutton and Toyota as Shadow Precedents, Deborah A. Widiss
(63 Drake Law Review 919 (2015))

A Marriage By Any Other Name: Why Civil Unions Should Receive Federal Recognition, Deborah A. Widiss and Andrew Koppelman

Comment le Droit des Gens Cessa d’Être un Droit Politique: Le Droit International de John Marshall, Elisabeth Zoller

Submissions from 2014

Tweeted Out: Management Tools to Prevent Social Media from Monopolizing Your Time, Ashley A. Ahlbrand
(18 AALL Spectrum 14 (Mar. 2014))

Tribute to Randall Shepard, Kevin D. Brown
(48 Valparaiso University Law Review 585 (2014))

Systematic Government Access to Private-Sector Data Redux, Fred H. Cate, Christopher Kuner, Christopher Millard, and Dan Jerker B. Svantesson
(4 International Data Privacy Law 1 (2014))

Taking Stock After Four Years, Fred H. Cate, Christopher Kuner, Christopher Millard, and Dan Jerker B. Svantesson
(4 International Data Privacy Law 87 (2014))

The (Data Privacy) Law Hasn't Even Checked in When Technology Takes Off, Fred H. Cate, Christopher Kuner, Christopher Millard, and Dan Jerker B. Svantesson
(4 International Data Privacy Law 175 (2014))

When Two Worlds Collide: The Interface Between Competition Law and Data Protection, Fred H. Cate, Christopher Kuner, Christopher Millard, Dan Jerker B. Svantesson, and Orla Lynskey
(4 International Data Privacy Law 247 (2014))

Learning from Lin: Lessons and Cautions from the Natural Commons for the Knowledge Commons, Daniel H. Cole
(Taken from GOVERNING KNOWLEDGE COMMONS (Brett M. Frishmann, Michael J. Madison, Katherine J. Strandburg (eds.). Oxford University Press, 2014.)

Digging Deeper into Hardin's Pasture: The Complex Institutional Structure of "The Tragedy of the Commons", Daniel H. Cole, Graham Epstein, and Michael D. McGinnis
(10 Journal of Institutional Economics 353 (2014))

Evolving Values, Animus, and Same-Sex Marriage, Daniel O. Conkle
(89 Indiana Law Journal 27 (2014))

Pringle and the Nature of Legal Reasoning, Paul Craig
(21 Maastricht Journal of European and Comparative Law 205 (2014))

Use of EU Institutions Outside the EU Legal Framework: Foundations, Procedure and Substance, Paul Craig
(2014 no. 4 Revista Romana de Drept European 105)

Undermining or Promoting Democratic Government?: An Economic and Empirical Analysis of the Two Views of Public Sector Collective Bargaining in American Law, Kenneth G. Dau-Schmidt and Mohammad Khan
(14 Nevada Law Journal 414 (2014))

Cybersecurity and the Administrative National Security State: Framing the Issues for Federal Legislation, David G. Delaney
(40 Journal of Legislation 251 (2014))

From Disability to Usability in Online Instruction, Susan David deMaine
(106 Law Library Journal 531 (2014))

Learning Leadership, Susan David deMaine
(26 INULA Notes 4 (Spring 2014))

The 2014 Leadership Academy: Six Months Out - How are Participants Using what they Learned?, Susan David deMaine
(19 AALL Spectrum 19 (November 2014))

Health Policy and the Syrian Chemical Weapons Crisis, David P. Fidler
(15 Harvard Health Policy Review 17 (Spring 2014))

Le cyberspace, c'est moi?: Authoritarian Leaders, the Internet, and International Politics, David P. Fidler
(15 Seton Hall Journal of Diplomacy and International Relations 7 (2014))

Hazardous Hedging: The (Unacknowledged) Risks of Hedging with Credit Derivatives, Gina-Gail S. Fletcher
(33 Review of Banking and Financial Law 813 (2013-2014))

When Churches Reorganize, Pamela Foohey
(88 American Bankruptcy Law Journal 277 (2014))

State's Rights, Last Rites, and Voting Rights, Luis Fuentes-Rohwer and Guy-Uriel Charles
(47 Connecticut Law Review 481 (2014))

Voting Rights Law and Policy in Transition, Luis Fuentes-Rohwer and Guy-Uriel E. Charles
(127 Harvard Law Review Forum 243 (2014))

A Way Forward for Tax Law and Economics? A Response to Osofsky's "Frictions, Screening, and Tax Law Design", David Gamage
(61 Buffalo Law Review 189 (2014))

How Should Governments Promote Distributive Justice?: A Framework for Analyzing the Optimal Choice of Tax Instruments, David Gamage
(68 Tax Law Review 1 (2014))

Why the Affordable Care Act Authorizes Tax Credits on the Federal Exchanges, David Gamage and Darien Shanske
(71 State Tax Notes 229 (2014))

Not Just for Scouting Anymore: Digital Badges for Legal Research Skills, Alcasid Hannah, Susan David deMaine, Catherine A. Lemmer, and Benjamin J. Keele

Human Capital Accounting, William D. Henderson
(40 Law Practice 33 (Sept./Oct. 2014))

Letting Go of Old Ideas, William D. Henderson
(112 Michigan Law Review 1111 (2014))

Did New York State Just Anoint Virtual Currencies by Proposing to Regulate Them, or Will Regulation Spoil Them for Some?, Sarah Jane Hughes
(71 Washington and Lee Law Review 51 (2014))

Did the National Security Agency Destroy the Prospects for Confidentiality and Privilege When Lawyers Store Clients' Files in the Cloud--and What, if Anything, Can Lawyers and Law Firms Realistically Do in Response?, Sarah Jane Hughes
(41 Northern Kentucky Law Review 405 (2014))

Regulating Cryptocurrencies in the United States: Current Issues and Future Directions, Sarah Jane Hughes and Stephen T. Middlebrook
(40 William Mitchell Law Review 813 (2014))

The Limits of Legality: Assessing Recent International Interventions in Civil Conflicts in the Middle-East, Feisal Amin Istrabadi
(29 Maryland Journal of International Law 119 (2014))

Virtual Designs, Mark D. Janis and Jason J. Du Mont
(2014 Stanford Technology Law Review 107 (2014))

Windsor, Shelby County, and the Demise of Originalism: A Personal Account, Dawn E. Johnsen
(89 Indiana Law Journal 3 (2014))

Grappling at the Grassroots: Access to Justice in India's Lower Tier, Jayanth K. Krishnan, Shirish N. Kavadi, Azima Girach, Dhanaji Khupkar, Kilindi Kokal, Satyajeet Mazumdar, Nupar, Gayatri Panday, Aatreyee Sen, Aqseer Sodhi, and Bharati Takale Shukla
(27 Harvard Human Rights Journal 151 (2014))

Restructuring the U.S. Tax Court: A Reply to Stephanie Hoffer and Christopher Walker's The Death of Tax Court Exceptionalism, Leandra Lederman
(99 Minnesota Law Review Headnotes 1 (2014))

(Un)Appealing Deference to the Tax Court, Leandra Lederman
(63 Duke Law Journal 1835 (2014))

Making the World in Atlanta's Image: The Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, Morris Abram, and the Legislative History of the United Nations Race Convention, H. Timothy Lovelace
(32 Law and History Review 385 (2014))

Aborted Emotions: Regret, Relationality, and Regulation, Jody L. Madeira
(21 Michigan Journal of Gender & Law 1 (2014))

Disclosing Big Data, Michael Mattioli
(99 Minnesota Law Review 535 (2014))

Power and Governance in Patent Pools, Michael Mattioli
(27 Harvard Journal of Law & Technology 422 (2014))

Big Business, Big Government and Big Legal Questions, Michael Mattioli and Todd Vare
(243 Managing Intellectual Property 46 (2014))

Book Review. Deficits, Debt, and the New Politics of Tax Policy by Dennis S. Ippolito, Ajay K. Mehrotra
(100 Journal of American History 1293 (2014))

Charles A. Beard & the Columbia School of Political Economy: Revisiting the Intellectual Roots of the Beardian Thesis, Ajay K. Mehrotra
(29 Constitutional Commentary 475 (2014))

Plugging Leaks and Lowering Levees in the Federal Government: Practical Solutions for Securities Trading Based on Political Intelligence, Donna M. Nagy and Richard Painter
(2014 University of Illinois law Review 1521)

Kiobel's Broader Significance: Implications for International Legal Theory, Austen L. Parrish
(American Journal of International Law Unbound e-19 (2014))

Access to Counsel: Psychological Science Can Improve the Promise of Civil Rights Enforcement, Victor D. Quintanilla and Cheryl R. Kaiser
(1 Policy Insights from the Behavioral and Brain Sciences 95 (2014))

Book Review. Somin, Ilya, Democracy and Political Ignorance: Why Smaller Government Is Smarter, Steve Sanders
(1 Journal of Civic Literacy (July 2014))

Is the Full Faith and Credit Clause Still "Irrelevant" to Same-Sex Marriage?: Toward a Reconsideration of the Conventional Wisdom, Steve Sanders
(89 Indiana Law Journal 95 (2014))

Mini-DOMAs As Political Process Failures: The Case for Heightened Scrutiny of State Anti-Gay Marriage Amendments, Steve Sanders
(109 Northwestern University Law Review 12 (2014))

In Defense of the Finality of Criminal Sentences on Collateral Review, Ryan W. Scott
(4 Wake Forest Journal of Law & Policy)

Standing To Appeal and Executive Non-Defense of Federal Law After the Marriage Cases, Ryan W. Scott
(89 Indiana Law Journal 67 (2014))

Online Privacy and the First Amendment: An Opt-In Approach to Data Processing, Joseph A. Tomain
(83 University of Cincinnati Law Review 1 (2014))

Alumni Services: Strategies for Keeping the Law Library's Doors Open After Graduation, Michelle M. Trumbo
(19 AALL Spectrum 17 (Nov. 2014))

Book Review. The Undignified Part of Constitutional Analysis, Timothy W. Waters
(10 European Constitutional Law Review 265 (2014))

Identifying Congressional Overrides Should Not Be This Hard, Deborah Widiss
(92 Texas Law Review See Also 145 (2014))

Leveling Up After DOMA, Deborah A. Widiss
(89 Indiana Law Journal 43 (2014))

Submissions from 2013

Book Review. Epstein, L., et. al., The Behavior of Federal Judges: A Theoretical and Empirical Study of Rational Choice, Ashley A. Ahlbrand
(105 Law Library Journal 370 (2013))

The "Social" Side of Law Libraries, Ashley A. Ahlbrand
(17 AALL Spectrum 12 (2013))

Globalization and the Privatization of Welfare Administration in Indiana, Alfred C. Aman
(20 Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies 377 (2013))

Editor's Note, Alfred C. Aman and Kellie F. Rockel
(20 Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies 1 (2013))

Editor's Note, Alfred C. Aman and Kellie F. Rockel
(20 Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies 521 (2013))

Interdisciplinary Psychology and Law Training in Family and Child Mediation: An Empirical Study of the Effects on Law Student Mediators, Amy Applegate, Amy Holtzworth-Munroe, Brittany N. Rudd, Ann Freeman, and Brian D'Onofrio
(13 Journal of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning 82 no. 3 (2013))

Book Review. Music & Copyright in America: Toward the Celestial Jukebox by Kevin Parks, Michelle M. Botek
(105 Law Library Journal 237 (2013))

Rehnquist's Fourth Amendment: Be Reasonable, Craig M. Bradley
(82 Mississippi Law Journal 259 (2013))

Independent Directors and Shared Board Control in Venture Finance, Brian J. Broughman
(9 Review of Law and Economics 41 (2013))

Carrots and Sticks: How VCs Induce Entrepreneurial Teams to Sell Startups, Brian J. Broughman and Jesse M. Fried
(98 Cornell Law Review 1319 (2013))

The Changing Nature of the Dominant Justifications that Legitimated the Oppression of African-Americans in the United States, Kevin D. Brown
(1 Jindal Journal of Public Policy 4 (2013))

Face-to-Data -- Another Developing Privacy Threat?, Fred H. Cate, Christopher Kuner, Christopher Millard, and Dan Jerker B. Svantesson
(3 International Data Privacy Law 1 (2013))

PRISM and Privacy: Will This Change Everything?, Fred H. Cate, Christopher Kuner, Christopher Millard, and Dan Jerker B. Svantesson
(3 International Data Privacy Law 217 (2013))

The Business of Privacy, Fred H. Cate, Christopher Kuner, Christopher Millard, and Dan Jerker B. Svantesson
(3 International Data Privacy Law 65 (2013))

The Extraterritoriality of Data Privacy Laws -- An Explosive Issue Yet to Detonate, Fred H. Cate, Christopher Kuner, Christopher Millard, and Dan Jerker B. Svantesson
(3 International Data Privacy Law 147 (2013))

Notice and Consent in a World of Big Data, Fred H. Cate and Viktor Mayer-Schönberger
(3 International Data Privacy Law 67 (2013))

The Varieties of Comparative Institutional Analysis, Daniel H. Cole
(2013 Wisconsin Law Review 383 (2013))

EU Accession to the ECHR: Competence, Procedure and Substance, Paul Craig
(36 Fordham International Law Journal 1114 (2013))

Pringle: Legal Reasoning, Text, Purpose and Teleology, Paul Craig
(20 Maastricht Journal of European and Comparative Law 3 (2013))

Review, Risk, Legality and Damages, Paul Craig
(4 European Journal of Risk Regulation 399 (2013))

The Art of Making Law Library Videos, L. Cindy Dabney
(17 AALL Spectrum 7 (2013))

Promises to Keep: Ensuring the Payment of Americans' Pension Benefits in the Wake of the Great Recession, Kenneth G. Dau-Schmidt
(52 Washburn Law Journal 393 (2013))

The Employment and Economic Advancement of African-Americans in the Twentieth Century, Kenneth G. Dau-Schmidt and Ryland Sherman
(1 Jindal Journal of Public Policy 95 (2013))

Leap-Ahead Privacy as a Government Responsibility in the Digital Age, David G. Delaney and Ivan K. Fong
(62 American University Law Review 1131 (2013))

Review of Prigg v. Pennsylvania: Slavery, the Supreme Court, and the Ambivalent Constitution, Susan David deMaine
(105 Law Library Journal 540 (2013))

The Origins of American Design Patent Protection, Jason John Du Mont and Mark D. Janis
(88 Indiana Law Journal 837 (2013))

Against Neorehabilitation, Jessica M. Eaglin
(66 SMU Law Review 189 (2013))

Neorehabilitation and Indiana's Sentencing Reform Dilemma, Jessica M. Eaglin
(47 Valparaiso University Law Review 867 (2013))

Memorial: Colleen Kristl Pauwels (1947-2013), Linda K. Fariss
(105 Law Library Journal 585 (2013))

Introductory Note to the Final Acts of the World Conference on International Telecommunications, David P. Fidler
(52 International Legal Materials 843 (2013))

Mind the Gap: Explaining Problems with International Law Where Cybersecurity and Critical Infrastructure Protection Meet, David P. Fidler
(12 CIP Report 2 (July, 2013))

NATO, Cyber Defense, and International Law, David P. Fidler, Richard Pregent, and Alex Vandurme
(4 St. John's Journal of International & Comparative Law)

Bankrupting the Faith, Pamela Foohey
(78 Missouri Law Review 719 (2013))

Mapping a Post-Shelby County Contingency Strategy, Luis Fuentes-Rohwer and Guy-Uriel E. Charles
(123 Yale Law Journal Online 131 (2013))

On the Future of Tax Salience Scholarship: Operative Mechanisms and Limiting Factors, David Gamage
(41 Florida State University Law Review 173 (2013))

A Potential Game Changer in E-Commerce Taxation, David Gamage, Andrew J. Haile, and Darien Shanske
(67 State Tax Notes 747 (2013))

The Case for a State-Level Debt-Financing Authority, David Gamage and Darien Shanske
(67 State Tax Notes 188 (2013))

The Trouble with Tax Increase Limitations, David Gamage and Darien Shanske
(6 Albany Government Law Review 50 (2013))