Included in this collection are articles written by Maurer faculty in both our own law journals and in those published by others.

Submissions from 2012

The Great Recession, the Resulting Budget Shortfalls, the 2010 Elections and the Attack on Public Sector Collective Bargaining in the United States, Kenneth G. Dau-Schmidt and Winston Lin
(29 Hofstra Labor & Employment Law Journal 407 (2012))

Introduction: Guaranteeing the Rights of Public Employees, Kenneth G. Dau-Schmidt and Ann. C. McGinley
(16 Employee Rights and Employment Policy Journal 523 (2012))

Access for All: A review of “Law Libraries, Government Transparency, and the Internet,” a presentation by Daniel Schuman of the Sunlight Foundation at the ALL-SIS Meeting, July 22, 2012, Susan David deMaine
(2012 ORALL Newsletter 8 (September 2012))

Review of Writing for Dollars, Writing to Please, Susan David deMaine
(AALL Spectrum Blog (8-22-2012))

Issues Facing Academic Law Libraries - New Challenges, New Opportunities, Linda K. Fariss
(31 Indiana Libraries 37 (2012))

Chapter 11 Reorganization and the Fair and Equitable Standard: How the Absolute Priority Rule Applies to All Nonprofit Entities, Pamela Foohey
(86 St. John's Law Review 31 (2012))

Is This the Beginning of the End of the Second Reconstruction?, Luis Fuentes-Rohwer
(59 The Federal Lawyer 54 (2012))

Comments on Daniel Shaviro's Tax Reform Implications of the Risk of a U.S. Budget Catastrophe, David Gamage
(50 University of Louisville Law Review 599 (2012))

Perverse Incentives Arising from the Tax Provisions of Healthcare Reform: Why Further Reforms Are Needed to Prevent Avoidable Costs to Low- and Moderate-Income Workers, David Gamage
(65 Tax Law Review 669 (2012))

A Better Way Forward for State Taxation of E-Commerce, David Gamage and Devin J. Heckman
(92 Boston University Law Review 483 (2012))

Vendor Compensation as an Approach for State "Amazon" Laws: Part 1, David Gamage and Devin J. Heckman
(65 State Tax Notes 385 (2012))

Vendor Compensation as an Approach for State "Amazon" Laws: Part 2, David Gamage and Devin J. Heckman
(65 State Tax Notes 459 (2012))

On Tax Increase Limitations: Part II -- Evasion and Transcendence, David Gamage and Darien Shanske
(64 State Tax Notes 245 (2012))

The Saga of State "Amazon" Laws: Reflections on the Colorado Decision, David Gamage and Darien Shanske
(65 State Tax Notes 197 (2012))

Can the Rule of Law Survive Judicial Politics?, Charles G. Geyh
(97 Cornell Law Review 191 (2012))

Judicial Selection Reconsidered: A Plea for Radical Moderation, Charles G. Geyh
(35 Harvard Journal of Law & Public Policy 623 (2012))

Preparatory Negligence, Robert H. Heidt
(2012 Wisconsin Law Review 787 (2012))

The Law School Bubble: Federal Loans Inflate College Budgets, But How Long Will That Last If Law Grads Can't Pay Their Bills?, William D. Henderson and Rachel M. Zahorsky
(98 ABA 30 (Jan. 2012))

The Pedigree Problem: Are Law School Ties Choking the Profession?, William D. Henderson and Rachel M. Zahorsky
(98 ABA 36 (July 2012))

Innocence and Federal Habeas after AEDPA: Time for the Supreme Court to Act, Joseph L. Hoffmann
(24 Federal Sentencing Reporter 300 (2012))

L'Embarras du Choix: A Year of Developments in the Laws Affecting Remittance Transfers, Credit Cards, and Certain Prepaid Cards, Sarah Jane Hughes
(68 Business Lawyer 233 (2012))

Tuning the Obviousness Inquiry After KSR, Mark D. Janis
(7 Washington Journal of Law, Technology & Arts 335 (2012))

Functionality in Design Protection Systems, Mark D. Janis and Jason J. Du Mont
(19 Journal of Intellectual Property Law 261 (2012))

Patent Law's Audience, Mark D. Janis and Timothy R. Holbrook
(97 Minnesota Law Review 72 (2012).)

"The Essence of a Free Society": The Executive Powers Legacy of Justice Stevens and the Future of Foreign Affairs Deference, Dawn E. Johnsen
(106 Northwestern University Law Review 467 (2012))

The Obama Administration’s Decision to Defend Constitutional Equality Rather Than the Defense of Marriage Act, Dawn E. Johnsen
(81 Fordham Law Review 599 (2012))

Academic SAILERS: The Ford Foundation and the Efforts to Shape Legal Education in Africa, 1957-1977, Jayanth K. Krishnan
(52 American Journal of Legal History 261 (2012).)

The Fight Over "Fighting Regs" and Judicial Deference in Tax Litigation, Leandra Lederman
(92 Boston University Law Review 643 (2012).)

The Use of Voluntary Disclosure Initiatives in the Battle Against Offshore Tax Evasion, Leandra Lederman
(57 Villanova Law Review 499 (2012))

What Do Courts Have to Do With It?: The Judiciary's Role in Making Federal Tax Law, Leandra Lederman
(65 National Tax Journal 899 (2012))

Woman Scorned?: Resurrecting Infertile Women's Decision-Making Autonomy, Jody L. Madeira
(71 Maryland Law Review)

Communities of Innovation, Michael Mattioli
(106 Northwestern University Law Review 103 (2012))

Book Review. Pollack, S. D., War, Revenue, and State Building: Financing the Development of the American State, Ajay K. Mehrotra
(52 American Journal of Legal History 535 (2012))

Selective Disclosure by Federal Officials and the Case for an FGD (Fairer Government Disclosure) Regime, Donna M. Nagy and Richard W. Painter
(2012 Wisconsin Law Review 1285 (2012))

Friends, Gangbangers, Custody Disputants, Lend Me Your Passwords, Aviva Orenstein
(31 Mississippi College Law Review 185 (2012))

Evading Legislative Jurisdiction, Austen L. Parrish
(87 Notre Dame Law Review 1673 (2012))

Judicial Mindsets: The Social Psychology of Implicit Theories and the Law, Victor D. Quintanilla
(90 Nebraska Law Review 611 (2012))

The Constitutional Right to (Keep Your) Same-Sex Marriage, Steve Sanders
(110 Michigan Law Review 1421 (2012).)

How (Not) to Implement Cost as a Sentencing Factor, Ryan W. Scott
(24 Federal Sentencing Reporter 172 (2012))

Book Review. Legal Education in Asia: Globalization, Change and Contexts, Carole Silver
(61 Journal of Legal Education 691 (2012).)

States Side Story: Career Paths of International LL.M. Students, or "I Like to Be in America", Carole Silver
(80 Fordham Law Review 2383 (2012).)

Gaining from the System: Lessons from the Law School Survey of Student Engagement About Student Development in Law School, Carole Silver, Louis Rocconi, Heather Haeger, and Lindsay Watkins
(10 University of St. Thomas Law Journal 286 (2012))

First Amendment, Fourth Estate, and Hot News: Misappropriation is not a Solution to the Journalism Crisis, Joseph A. Tomain
(2012 Michigan State Law Review 769)

Climb to the Ice, Richard Vaughan
(Crown of the Continent Magazine, Issue 9 (2012))

Book Review. The Legacy of the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia edited by B. Swart, A. Zahar and G. Sluiter, Timothy W. Waters
(55 German Yearbook of International Law 727 (2012))

Challenges of "Sameness": Pitfalls and Benefits to Assumed Connections in Lawyering, Carwina Weng, Lynn Barenberg, and Alexis Anderson
(18 Clinical Law Review 339 (2011-2012))

Reconfiguring Sex, Gender, and the Law of Marriage, Deborah Widiss
(50 Family Court Review 205 (2012).)

Undermining Congressional Overrides: The Hydra Problem in Statutory Interpretation, Deborah Widiss
(90 Texas Law Review 859 (2012))

Changing the Marriage Equation, Deborah A. Widiss
(89 Washington University Law Review 721 (2012))

Divergent Interests: Union Representation of Individual Employment Discrimination Claims, Deborah A. Widiss
(87 Indiana Law Journal 421 (2012))

Changing Burma from Without: Political Activism Among the Burmese Diaspora, David C. Williams
(19 Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies 121 (2012))

La mutation des sources du droit constitutionnel, Elisabeth Zoller
(6 Revue de Droit d'Assas 33 (2012))

Submissions from 2011

"Free" Access to Government Information: How the Current Budget Crisis May Affect Government Publishing and Access to Government Information, Ashley A. Ahlbrand
(39 Documents to the People 26 (2011))

The Domestic Face of Globalization: Law's Role in the Integration of Immigrants in the United States, Alfred C. Aman and Graham Rehrig
(2 OMNES: The Journal of Multicultural Society 43 (2011))

Book Review. Degradation: What the History of Obscenity Tells Us about Hate Speech by Kevin W. Saunders, Jeannine Bell
(21 Law and Politics Book Review 505 (2011))

Should Black Immigrants Be Favored Over Black Hispanics and Black Multiracials in the Admissions Processes of Selective Higher Education Programs?, Kevin D. Brown
(54 Howard Law Journal 256 (2010-2011))

The Social Reconstruction of Race & Ethnicity of the Nation's Law Students: A Request to the ABA, AALS, and LSAC For Changes in Reporting Requirements, Kevin D. Brown and Tom I. Romero II
(2011 Michigan State Law Review 1133 (2011))

Morrison v. National Australia Bank: Defining the Domestic Interest in International Securities Litigation, Hannah Buxbaum
(105 American Society of International Law Proceedings 402)

Editorial, Fred H. Cate, Christopher Kuner, Christopher Millard, and Dan Jerker B. Svantesson
(1 International Data Privacy Law 1 (2011))

Let's Not Kill All the Privacy Laws (and Lawyers), Fred H. Cate, Christopher Kuner, Christopher Millard, and Dan Jerker B. Svantesson
(1 International Data Privacy Law 209 (2011))

Moving Forward Together, Fred H. Cate, Christopher Kuner, Christopher Millard, and Dan Jerker B. Svantesson
(1 International Data Privacy Law 81 (2011))

Privacy -- An Elusive Concept, Fred H. Cate, Christopher Kuner, Christopher Millard, and Dan Jerker B. Svantesson
(1 International Data Privacy Law 141 (2011))

From Global to Polycentric Climate Governance, Daniel H. Cole
(2 Climate Law 395 (2011))

Religious Truth, Pluralism, and Secularization: The Shaking Foundations of American Religious Liberty, Daniel O. Conkle
(32 Cardozo Law Review 1755 (2011))

Promoting Employee Voice in the American Economy: A Call for Comprehensive Reform, Kenneth G. Dau-Schmidt
(94 Marquette Law Review 765 (2011))

The Whole Is Greater than the Sum of the Parts: Analyzing Legal Problems in an Endogenous World, Kenneth G. Dau-Schmidt
(91 Boston University Law Review 385 (2011))

Navigating the Global Health Terrain: Mapping Global Health Diplomacy, David Fidler
(6 Asian Journal of WTO & International Health Law and Policy 1 (2011))

Outside the Wire: American Exceptionalism and Counterinsurgency, David Fidler
(37 William Mitchell Law Review 5251 (2010-2011))

Military Forces, Global Health, and the International Health Regulations (2005), David P. Fidler
(1 Journal of Healthcare, Science and the Humanities 117 (2011))

Migration Conservation: A View from Above, Robert L. Fischman
(41 Environmental Law 277 (2011))

Beyond Trust Species: The Conservation Potential of the National Wildlife Refuge System in the Wake of Climate Change, Robert L. Fischman and Robert Adamcik
(51 Natural Resources Journal 1 (2011))

The Story of Kleppe v. New Mexico: The Sagebrush Rebellion as Un-Cooperative Federalism, Robert L. Fischman and Jeremiah Williamson
(83 University of Colorado Law Review 101 (2011))

Judicial Activism and the Interpretation of the Voting Rights Act, Luis Fuentes-Rohwer
(32 Cardozo Law Review 857 (2011))

Justice Kennedy to the Rescue?, Luis Fuentes-Rohwer
(160 University of Pennsylvania Law Review PENNumbra 209 (2011))

Looking for a Few Good Philosopher Kings: Political Gerrymandering as a Question of Institutional Competence, Luis Fuentes-Rohwer
(43 Connecticut Law Review 1157 (2011))

On the Incompatibility of Political Virtue and Judicial Review: A Neo-Aristotelean Perspective, Ralph F. Gaebler
(34 Hamline Law Review 263 (2011))

On Tax Increase Limitations: Part I -- A Costly Incoherence, David Gamage and Darien Shanske
(62 State Tax Notes 813 (2011))

Three Essays on Tax Salience: Market Salience and Political Salience, David Gamage and Darien Shanske
(65 Tax Law Review 19 (2011))

Why Judicial Disqualification Matters. Again., Charles G. Geyh
(30 Review of Litigation 671 (2011))

Three Generations of U.S. Lawyers: Generalists, Specialists, Project Managers, William D. Henderson
(70 Maryland Law Review 373 (2010-2011))

Paradigm Shift, William D. Henderson and Rachel M. Zahorsky
(97 ABA Journal 40 (July 2011))

Improving Criminal Justice: How Can We Make the American Criminal Justice System More Just?, Joseph L. Hoffmann and Nancy J. King
(95 no. 2 Judicature 59 (2011))

"Sticky Metaphors" and the Persistence of the Traditional Voluntary Manslaughter Doctrine, Joseph L. Hoffmann, Elise J. Percy, and Steven J. Sherman
(44 University of Michigan Journal of Law Reform 383 (2011))

Developments in the Laws Governing Electronic Payments, Sarah Jane Hughes
(67 Business Lawyer 259 (2011))

Red Skies in the Morning—Professional Ethics at the Dawn of Cloud Computing, Sarah Jane Hughes and Roland L. Trope
(38 William Mitchell Law Review 111 (2011))

The SEC Staff's "Cybersecurity Disclosure" Guidance: Will It Help Investors or Cyber-thieves More?, Sarah Jane Hughes and Roland L. Trope
(2011 Business Law Today 1 (Dec.19, 2011))

Delay in Process, Denial of Justice: The Jurisprudence and Empirics of Speedy Trials in Comparative Perspective, Jayanth K. Krishnan and C. Raj Kumar
(42 Georgetown Journal of International Law 747 (2011))

Book Review. European Copyright Law: A Commentary., Marshall A. Leaffer
(58 Journal of the Copyright Society of the U.S.A. 737 (2011))

A Tisket, A Tasket: Basketing and Corporate Tax Shelters, Leandra Lederman
(88 Washington University Law Review 557 (2011))

The Family Capital of Capital Families: Investigating Empathic Connections Between Jurors and Defendants' Families in Death Penalty Cases, Jody L. Madeira
(2011 Michigan State Law Review 858 (2011))

Partial Patents, Michael Mattioli and Gideon Parchomovsky
(111 Columbia Law Review 207 (2011))

Book Review. Louis D. Brandeis and the Making of Regulated Competition, 1900-1932 by Gerald Berk, Ajay K. Mehrotra
(45 Law & Society Review 1074 (2011))

From Programmatic Reform to Social Science Research: The National Tax Association and the Promise and Perils of Disciplinary Encounters, Ajay K. Mehrotra and Joseph J. Thorndike
(45 Law & Society Review 593 (2011))

Insider Trading, Congressional Officials, and Duties of Entrustment, Donna M. Nagy
(91 Boston University Law Review 1105 (2011))

Corporate Social Responsibility and Firm Compliance: Lessons from the International Law-International Relations Discourse, Christiana Ochoa
(9 Santa Clara Journal of International Law 169 (2011))

Introduction: Human Rights and Legal Systems Across the Global South Symposium, Christiana Ochoa and Shane Greene
(18 Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies 1 (2011))

Regulating Information Flows, Regulating Conflict: An Analysis of United States Conflict Minerals Legislation, Christiana Ochoa and Patrick J. Keenan
(3 Goettingen Journal of International Law 129 (2011))

Facing the Unfaceable: Dealing with Prosecutorial Denial in Postconviction Cases of Actual Innocence, Aviva A. Orenstein
(48 San Diego Law Review 401 (2011))

Morrison, The Effects Test, and the Presumption Against Extraterritoriality: A Reply to Professor Dodge, Austen L. Parrish
(105 American Society of International Law Proceedings 399 (2011))

Rehabilitating Territoriality in Human Rights, Austen L. Parrish
(32 Cardozo Law Review 1099 (2011))