Submissions from 2013

The American Judicature Society and Judicial Independence: Reflections at the Century Mark, Charles G. Geyh
(96 Judicature 257 (2013))

The Dimensions of Judicial Impartiality, Charles G. Geyh
(65 Florida Law Review 493 (2013))

A Blueprint for Change, William D. Henderson
(40 Pepperdine Law Review 461 (2013))

Who's Eating Law Firms' Lunch? The Legal Service Providers, Law Schools and New Grads at the Table, William D. Henderson and Rachel M. Zahorsky
(99 ABA Journal 32 (Oct. 2013))

Virtual Uncertainty: Developments in the Law of Electronic Payments and Financial Services, Sarah Jane Hughes and Stephen T. Middlebrook
(69 Business Lawyer 263 (2013))

Justice Brennan: Legacy of a Champion, Dawn E. Johnsen
(111 Michigan Law Review 1151 (2013))

Peel-Off Lawyers: Legal Professionals in India's Corporate Law Firm Sector, Jayanth K. Krishnan
(9 Socio-Legal Review 1 (2013))

A Twenty-Year Retrospective on United States Trademark Law in Ten Cases, Marshall Leaffer
(23 Fordham Intellectual Property, Media & Entertainment Law Journal 655 (2012-2013))

Enforcement as Substance in Tax Compliance, Leandra Lederman and Ted Sichelman
(70 Washington & Lee Law Review 1679 (2013))

Selling ART or Selling Out?: A Response to Selling ART: An Empirical Assessment of Advertising on Fertility Clinics' Websites, Jody L. Madeira
(88 Indiana Law Journal 1181 (2013))

Book Review. Tax and Spend: The Welfare State, Tax Politics, and the Limits of American Liberalism by Molly C. Michelmore, Ajay K. Mehrotra
(118 American Historical Review 554 (2013))

Owning Stock While Making Law: An Agency Problem and a Fiduciary Solution, Donna M. Nagy
(48 Wake Forest Law Review 567 (2013))

Once We Were Slaves, Now We Are Free: Legal, Administrative, and Social Issues Raised by Passover Celebrations in Prison, Aviva A. Orenstein
(41 Pepperdine Law Review 61 (2014))

Empirical Fallacies of Evidence Law: A Critical Look at the Admission of Prior Sex Crimes, Aviva A. Orenstein and Tamara Rice Lave
(81 University of Cincinnati Law Review 795 (2013))

Introductory Remarks. Arctic Law: The Challenges of Governance in the Changing Arctic, Austen L. Parrish
(107 American Society of International Law Proceedings 271 (2013))

Kiobel, Unilateralism, and the Retreat from Extraterritoriality, Austen L. Parrish
(28 Maryland Journal of International Law 208 (2013))

State Court International Human Rights Litigation: A Concerning Trend?, Austen L. Parrish
(3 U.C. Irvine Law Review 25 (2013))

Critical Race Empiricism: A New Means to Measure Civil Procedure, Victor D. Quintanilla
(3 UC Irvine Law Review 187 (2013))

Marketing and Outreach in Law Libraries: A White Paper, Amanda Runyon, L. Cindy Dabney, Carol A. Watson, Liz McCurry Johnson, Emily Lawson, Shira Megerman, Jamie Summer, T.J. Striepe, and Michele Thomas
(105 Law Library Journal 525 (2013))

Affirmative Action and Academic Freedom: Why the Supreme Court Should Continue Deferring to Faculty Judgments About the Value of Educational Diversity, Steve Sanders

The Skeptic's Guide to Information Sharing at Sentencing, Ryan W. Scott
(2013 Utah Law Review 345 (2013))

The Skeptic’s Guide to Information Sharing at Sentencing, Ryan W. Scott
(2013 Utah Law Review (2013).)

Improving Law School "Transparency", Jeffrey E. Stake
(5 Nebraska Law Review Bulletin 9 (Aug. 12, 2013))

Reclaiming Our Essential Freedom to Determine Who May Be Admitted to Study Law, Jeffrey E. Stake
(27 Journal of Civil Rights & Economic Development 223 (2013/14))

Misplaced Boldness: The Avoidance of Substance in the International Court of Justice's Kosovo Opinion, Timothy W. Waters
(23 Duke Journal of Comparative & International Law)

Plucky Little Russia: Misreading the Georgian War Through the Distorting Lens of Aggression, Timothy W. Waters
(49 Stanford Journal of International Law 176 (2013))

Gilbert Redux: The Interaction of the Pregnancy Discrimination Act and the Amended Americans with Disabilities Act, Deborah Widiss
(46 UC Davis Law Review 961 (2013))

Women and Judging: A Feminist Approach to Judging and the Issue of Customary Law (Eleventh Annual Ruth Bader Ginsburg Lecture), Susan H. Williams
(36 Thomas Jefferson Law Review 25 (2013))

Citizenship After the Conservative Movement, Elisabeth Zoller
(20 Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies 279 (2013))

La citoyenneté aux Etats-Unis : une valeur en perpétuel devenir, Elisabeth Zoller
(Conférence-débat du CDPC sur la citoyenneté, Cycle « Les valeurs du droit public », 14 févier 2013)

Le principe de transparence et les nouvelles technologies aux États-Unis, Elisabeth Zoller
(Conférence-débat du CDPC sur la transparence, Cycle « Les valeurs du droit public », 15 avril 2013)

Submissions from 2012

Degree Pedigree: Assessing the Effect of Degree-Granting Institutions’ Ranks on Prospective Employment at Academic Law Libraries, Ashley A. Ahlbrand and Michael Johnson
(104 Law Library Journal 553 (2012))

Editor's Note, Alfred C. Aman and Micah J. Nichols
(19 Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies 1 (2012))

Is the Exclusionary Rule Dead?, Craig M. Bradley
(102 Journal of Criminal Law & Criminology 1 (2012))

Do VCs Use Inside Rounds to Dilute Founders? Some Evidence from Silicon Valley, Brian Broughman and Jesse Fried
(18 Journal of Corporate Finance 1104 (2012).)

This is a Time for Hope and Change, Kevin D. Brown
(87 Indiana Law Journal 431 (2012))

Redefining the Black Face of Affirmative Action: The Impact on Ascendant Black Women, Kevin D. Brown and Renee E. Turner
(2012 IILP Review 148 (2012))

Remedies for Foreign Investors Under U.S. Federal Securities Law, Hannah Buxbaum
(75 Law & Contemporary Problems 161 (2012))

The Supreme Court and Information Privacy, Fred H. Cate and Beth E. Cate
(2 International Data Privacy Law 255 (2012))

Systematic Government Access to Private-Sector Data, Fred H. Cate, James X. Dempsey, and Ira S. Rubenstein
(2 International Data Privacy Law 195 (2012))

The Intricacies of Independence, Fred H. Cate, Christopher Kuner, Christopher Millard, and Dan Jerker B. Svantession
(2 International Data Privacy Law 1 (2012))

The Challenge of "Big Data" for Data Protection, Fred H. Cate, Christopher Kuner, Christopher Millard, and Dan Jerker B. Svantesson
(2 International Data Privacy Law 47 (2012))

The End of the Beginning, Fred H. Cate, Christopher Kuner, Christopher Millard, and Dan Jerker B. Svantesson
(2 International Data Privacy Law 115 (2012))

Law, Politics, and Cost-Benefit Analysis, Daniel H. Cole
(64 Alabama Law Review 91 (2012).)

Religion, Government, and Law in the Contemporary United States, Daniel O. Conkle
(The Cambridge History of Religions in America, v. 3: 1945 to the Present (2012))

Keynes Was Right!, Kenneth G. Dau-Schmidt
(87 Indiana Law Journal 60 (2012))

Swimming in the Crosscurrents of History: Labor and Employment Law Under the Obama Administration, Kenneth G. Dau-Schmidt and Matthew Kelley
(87 Indiana Law Journal 1 (2012))

The Great Recession, the Resulting Budget Shortfalls, the 2010 Elections and the Attack on Public Sector Collective Bargaining in the United States, Kenneth G. Dau-Schmidt and Winston Lin
(29 Hofstra Labor & Employment Law Journal 407 (2012))

Introduction: Guaranteeing the Rights of Public Employees, Kenneth G. Dau-Schmidt and Ann. C. McGinley
(16 Employee Rights and Employment Policy Journal 523 (2012))

Access for All: A review of “Law Libraries, Government Transparency, and the Internet,” a presentation by Daniel Schuman of the Sunlight Foundation at the ALL-SIS Meeting, July 22, 2012, Susan David deMaine
(2012 ORALL Newsletter 8 (September 2012))

Review of Writing for Dollars, Writing to Please, Susan David deMaine
(AALL Spectrum Blog (8-22-2012))

Issues Facing Academic Law Libraries - New Challenges, New Opportunities, Linda K. Fariss
(31 Indiana Libraries 37 (2012))

Chapter 11 Reorganization and the Fair and Equitable Standard: How the Absolute Priority Rule Applies to All Nonprofit Entities, Pamela Foohey
(86 St. John's Law Review 31 (2012))

Is This the Beginning of the End of the Second Reconstruction?, Luis Fuentes-Rohwer
(59 The Federal Lawyer 54 (2012))

Comments on Daniel Shaviro's Tax Reform Implications of the Risk of a U.S. Budget Catastrophe, David Gamage
(50 University of Louisville Law Review 599 (2012))

Perverse Incentives Arising from the Tax Provisions of Healthcare Reform: Why Further Reforms Are Needed to Prevent Avoidable Costs to Low- and Moderate-Income Workers, David Gamage
(65 Tax Law Review 669 (2012))

A Better Way Forward for State Taxation of E-Commerce, David Gamage and Devin J. Heckman
(92 Boston University Law Review 483 (2012))

Vendor Compensation as an Approach for State "Amazon" Laws: Part 1, David Gamage and Devin J. Heckman
(65 State Tax Notes 385 (2012))

Vendor Compensation as an Approach for State "Amazon" Laws: Part 2, David Gamage and Devin J. Heckman
(65 State Tax Notes 459 (2012))

On Tax Increase Limitations: Part II -- Evasion and Transcendence, David Gamage and Darien Shanske
(64 State Tax Notes 245 (2012))

The Saga of State "Amazon" Laws: Reflections on the Colorado Decision, David Gamage and Darien Shanske
(65 State Tax Notes 197 (2012))

Can the Rule of Law Survive Judicial Politics?, Charles G. Geyh
(97 Cornell Law Review 191 (2012))

Judicial Selection Reconsidered: A Plea for Radical Moderation, Charles G. Geyh
(35 Harvard Journal of Law & Public Policy 623 (2012))

Preparatory Negligence, Robert H. Heidt
(2012 Wisconsin Law Review 787 (2012))

The Law School Bubble: Federal Loans Inflate College Budgets, But How Long Will That Last If Law Grads Can't Pay Their Bills?, William D. Henderson and Rachel M. Zahorsky
(98 ABA 30 (Jan. 2012))

The Pedigree Problem: Are Law School Ties Choking the Profession?, William D. Henderson and Rachel M. Zahorsky
(98 ABA 36 (July 2012))

Innocence and Federal Habeas after AEDPA: Time for the Supreme Court to Act, Joseph L. Hoffmann
(24 Federal Sentencing Reporter 300 (2012))

L'Embarras du Choix: A Year of Developments in the Laws Affecting Remittance Transfers, Credit Cards, and Certain Prepaid Cards, Sarah Jane Hughes
(68 Business Lawyer 233 (2012))

Tuning the Obviousness Inquiry After KSR, Mark D. Janis
(7 Washington Journal of Law, Technology & Arts 335 (2012))

Functionality in Design Protection Systems, Mark D. Janis and Jason J. Du Mont
(19 Journal of Intellectual Property Law 261 (2012))

Patent Law's Audience, Mark D. Janis and Timothy R. Holbrook
(97 Minnesota Law Review 72 (2012).)

"The Essence of a Free Society": The Executive Powers Legacy of Justice Stevens and the Future of Foreign Affairs Deference, Dawn E. Johnsen
(106 Northwestern University Law Review 467 (2012))

The Obama Administration’s Decision to Defend Constitutional Equality Rather Than the Defense of Marriage Act, Dawn E. Johnsen
(81 Fordham Law Review 599 (2012))

Academic SAILERS: The Ford Foundation and the Efforts to Shape Legal Education in Africa, 1957-1977, Jayanth K. Krishnan
(52 American Journal of Legal History 261 (2012).)

The Fight Over "Fighting Regs" and Judicial Deference in Tax Litigation, Leandra Lederman
(92 Boston University Law Review 643 (2012).)

The Use of Voluntary Disclosure Initiatives in the Battle Against Offshore Tax Evasion, Leandra Lederman
(57 Villanova Law Review 499 (2012))

What Do Courts Have to Do With It?: The Judiciary's Role in Making Federal Tax Law, Leandra Lederman
(65 National Tax Journal 899 (2012))

Woman Scorned?: Resurrecting Infertile Women's Decision-Making Autonomy, Jody L. Madeira
(71 Maryland Law Review)

Communities of Innovation, Michael Mattioli
(106 Northwestern University Law Review 103 (2012))

Book Review. Pollack, S. D., War, Revenue, and State Building: Financing the Development of the American State, Ajay K. Mehrotra
(52 American Journal of Legal History 535 (2012))

Selective Disclosure by Federal Officials and the Case for an FGD (Fairer Government Disclosure) Regime, Donna M. Nagy and Richard W. Painter
(2012 Wisconsin Law Review 1285 (2012))

Friends, Gangbangers, Custody Disputants, Lend Me Your Passwords, Aviva Orenstein
(31 Mississippi College Law Review 185 (2012))

Evading Legislative Jurisdiction, Austen L. Parrish
(87 Notre Dame Law Review 1673 (2012))

Judicial Mindsets: The Social Psychology of Implicit Theories and the Law, Victor D. Quintanilla
(90 Nebraska Law Review 611 (2012))

The Constitutional Right to (Keep Your) Same-Sex Marriage, Steve Sanders
(110 Michigan Law Review 1421 (2012).)

How (Not) to Implement Cost as a Sentencing Factor, Ryan W. Scott
(24 Federal Sentencing Reporter 172 (2012))

Book Review. Legal Education in Asia: Globalization, Change and Contexts, Carole Silver
(61 Journal of Legal Education 691 (2012).)

States Side Story: Career Paths of International LL.M. Students, or "I Like to Be in America", Carole Silver
(80 Fordham Law Review 2383 (2012).)

Gaining from the System: Lessons from the Law School Survey of Student Engagement About Student Development in Law School, Carole Silver, Louis Rocconi, Heather Haeger, and Lindsay Watkins
(10 University of St. Thomas Law Journal 286 (2012))

First Amendment, Fourth Estate, and Hot News: Misappropriation is not a Solution to the Journalism Crisis, Joseph A. Tomain
(2012 Michigan State Law Review 769)

Climb to the Ice, Richard Vaughan
(Crown of the Continent Magazine, Issue 9 (2012))

Book Review. The Legacy of the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia edited by B. Swart, A. Zahar and G. Sluiter, Timothy W. Waters
(55 German Yearbook of International Law 727 (2012))

Challenges of "Sameness": Pitfalls and Benefits to Assumed Connections in Lawyering, Carwina Weng, Lynn Barenberg, and Alexis Anderson
(18 Clinical Law Review 339 (2011-2012))

Reconfiguring Sex, Gender, and the Law of Marriage, Deborah Widiss
(50 Family Court Review 205 (2012).)

Undermining Congressional Overrides: The Hydra Problem in Statutory Interpretation, Deborah Widiss
(90 Texas Law Review 859 (2012))

Changing the Marriage Equation, Deborah A. Widiss
(89 Washington University Law Review 721 (2012))

Divergent Interests: Union Representation of Individual Employment Discrimination Claims, Deborah A. Widiss
(87 Indiana Law Journal 421 (2012))

Changing Burma from Without: Political Activism Among the Burmese Diaspora, David C. Williams
(19 Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies 121 (2012))

La mutation des sources du droit constitutionnel, Elisabeth Zoller
(6 Revue de Droit d'Assas 33 (2012))

Submissions from 2011

"Free" Access to Government Information: How the Current Budget Crisis May Affect Government Publishing and Access to Government Information, Ashley A. Ahlbrand
(39 Documents to the People 26 (2011))