Submissions from 2017

Thinking on Your Feet: Reflections of a First-Time Online Instructor, Ashley A. Ahlbrand
(25 Perspectives: Teaching Legal Research and Writing 114 (2017))

Unequal Opportunities: Education Pathways to the U.S. Judiciary, Alfred C. Aman
(Conference on the Judiciary in Territorially and Culturally Compound Systems: Organization and Functions, Trento, May 7-8, 2015)

The Polycentric Turn: A Case Study of Kenya's Evolving Legal Regime for Irrigation Waters, Daniel H. Cole, Stefan Carpenter, and Elizabeth Baldwin
(57 Natural Resources Journal 1 (2017))

President Trump, Trade Policy, and American Grand Strategy: From Common Advantage to Collective Carnage, David P. Fidler
(12 Asian Journal of WTO and International Health Law and Policy 1 (2017))

Transforming Election Cybersecurity, David P. Fidler
(Digital and Cyberspace Policy Program, May 2017)

A State-Level Carbon Tax with Border Adjustments, David Gamage and Darien Shanske
(83 State Tax Notes 911 (2017))

Tax Cannibalization and Fiscal Federalism in the United States, David Gamage and Darien Shanske
(111 Northwestern University Law Review 295 (2017))

Developments in the Law Affecting Electronic Payments and Financial Services, Sarah Jane Hughes, Stephen T. Middlebrook, and Tom Kierner
(72 Business Lawyer 255 (2016/17))

Making It Up: Lessons for Equal Protection Doctrine from the Use and Abuse of Hypothesized Purposes in the Marriage Equality Litigation, Steve Sanders
(68 Hastings Law Journal 657 (2017))

The Interaction of the Pregnancy Discrimination Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act After Young v. UPS, Deborah A. Widiss
(50 U.C. Davis Law Review 1423 (2017))

After the Override: An Empirical Analysis of Shadow Precedent, Deborah A. Widiss and Brian J. Broughman
(46 Journal of Legal Studies 51 (2017))

Submissions from 2016

Cross-Sectional Challenges: Gender, Race, and Six-Person Juries, Jeannine Bell and Mona Lynch
(46 Seton Hall Law Review 419 (2016))

AGORA: Reflections on RJR Nabisco v. European Community: The Scope and Limitations of the Presumption Against Extraterritoriality, Hannah Buxbaum
(110 AJIL Unbound 62 (2016))

The Drug Court Paradigm, Jessica M. Eaglin
(53 American Criminal Law Review 595 (2016))

Leveraging Federal Land Plans Into Landscape Conservation, Robert L. Fischman
(6 Journal of Energy & Environmental Law 46 (Winter 2016))

Tax Cannibalization and State Government Tax Incentive Programs, David Gamage and Darien Shanske
(82 State Tax Notes 197 (2016))

The Federal Government's Power to Restrict State Taxation, David Gamage and Darien Shanske
(81 State Tax Notes 547 (2016))

Using Taxes to Improve Cap and Trade, Part II: Efficient Pricing, David Gamage and Darien Shanske
(81 State Tax Notes 807 (2016))

Developments in the Law Affecting Electronic Payments and Financial Services, Sarah Jane Hughes and Stephen T. Middlebrook
(71 Business Lawyer 361 (2015/16))

Disclosing Designs, Mark D. Janis and Jason Du Mont
(69 Vanderbilt Law Review 1631 (2016))

The Lawyers' War: Counterterrorism From Bush to Obama to Trump, Dawn E. Johnsen
(Foreign Affairs (online), Nov. 22, 2016)

When Responsibilities Collide: Humanitarian Intervention, Shared War Powers, and the Rule of Law, Dawn E. Johnsen
(53 Houston Law Review 1065 (2016))

External Forces, Internal Dynamics: Foreign Legal Actors and Their Impact on Domestic Affairs (Book Review), Jayanth K. Krishnan, Vitor M. Dias, and Martin Hevia
(94 Texas Law Review 995 (2016))

IRS Reform: Politics as Usual?, Leandra Lederman
(7 Columbia Journal of Tax Law 36 (2916))

Buyers in the Baby Market: Toward a Transparent Consumerism, Jody L. Madeira and June Carbone
(91 Washington Law Review 71 (2016))

Book Review. Locating U.S. Government Information Handbook, 3rd ed. by E. Herman and T. Belniak, Jennifer Morgan
(108 Law Library Journal 672 (2016))

Beyond Dirks: Gratuitous Tipping and Insider Trading, Donna M. Nagy
(42 Journal of Corporation Law 1 (2016))

Salman v. United States: Insider Trading's Tipping Point?, Donna M. Nagy
(69 Stanford Law Review Online 28 (Oct. 2016))

The Same-Actor Inference of Nondiscrimination: Moral Credentialing and the Psychological and Legal Licensing of Bias, Victor D. Quintanilla and Cheryl R. Kaiser
(104 California Law Review 1 (2016))

Race, Restructurings, and Equal Protection Doctrine Through the Lens of Schuette v. BAMN, Steve Sanders
(81 Brooklyn Law Review 1393 (2016))

RFRAs and Reasonableness, Steve Sanders
(91 Indiana Law Journal 243 (2016))

Legal Recognition of Same-Sex Relationships: New Possibilities for Research on the Role of Marriage Law in Household Labor Allocation, Deborah A. Widiss
(8 Journal of Family Theory & Review 10 (2016))

Submissions from 2015

Prison Privatization and Inmate Labor in the Global Economy: Reframing the Debate over Private Prisons, Alfred C. Aman and Carol J. Greenhouse
(42 Fordham Urban Law Journal 355 (2015))

Can't We Be Your Neighbor? Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman, and the Resistance to Blacks as Neighbors, Jeannine Bell
(95 Boston University Law Review 851 (2015))

Police Violence and Ferguson: (En)Racing Criminal Procedure, Jeannine Bell
(65 Journal of Legal Education 306 (2015))

There Are No Racists Here: The Rise of Racial Extremism, When No One Is Racist, Jeannine Bell
(20 Michigan Journal of Race and Law 349 (2015))

Delaware's Familiarity, Brian J. Broughman and Darian M. Ibrahim
(52 San Diego Law Review 273 (2015))

LSAC Data Reveals That Black/White Multiracials Outscore All Blacks on LSAT by Wide Margins, Kevin D. Brown
(39 N.Y.U. Review of Law & Social Change 381 (2015))

The Viability of Enterprise Jurisdiction: A Case Study of the Big Four Accounting Firms, Hannah L. Buxbaum
(48 U.C. Davis Law Review 1769 (2015))

Advantages of a Polycentric Approach to Climate Change Policy, Daniel H. Cole
(5 Nature Climate Change 114 (2015))

The Problem of Shared Irresponsibility in International Climate Law, Daniel H. Cole

Labor Law 2.0: The Impact of New Information Technology on the Employment Relationship and the Relevance of the NLRA, Kenneth G. Dau-Schmidt
(64 Emory Law Journal 1583 (2015))

Widening the Aperture on Fourth Amendment Interests: A Comment on Orin Kerr's The Fourth Amendment and the Global Internet, David G. Delaney
(68 Stanford Law Review Online 9 (2015))

Improving Economic Sanctions in the States, Jessica M. Eaglin
(99 Minnesota Law Review 1837 (2015))

Reducing Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Jails: Recommendations for Local Practice, Jessica M. Eaglin and Danyelle Solomon

Epic Failure of Ebola and Global Health Security, David P. Fidler
(21 Brown Journal of World Affairs 179 (Spr/Sum 2015))

Hacking the Wealth of Nations: Managing Markets Amid Malware, David P. Fidler
(14 Turkish Policy Quarterly 43 (Summer 2015))

Whither the Web?: International Law, Cybersecurity, and Critical Infrastructure Protection, David P. Fidler
(16 Georgetown Journal of International Affairs 8 (2015 Special Issue))

Secured Credit in Religious Institutions' Reorganizations, Pamela Foohey
(2015 University of Illinois Law Review Slip Opinions 1)

When Faith Falls Short: Bankruptcy Decisions of Churches, Pamela Foohey
(76 Ohio State Law Journal 1319 (2015))

Foreword: Reflections on Our Founding, Luis Fuentes-Rohwer and Guy-Uriel Charles
(20 Michigan Journal of Race & Law 245 (2015))

Race, Federalism, and Voting Rights, Luis Fuentes-Rohwer and Guy-Uriel Charles
(2015 University of Chicago Legal Forum 113)

The Voting Rights Act in Winter: The Death of a Superstatute, Luis Fuentes-Rohwer and Guy-Uriel Charles
(100 Iowa Law Review 1389 (2015))

Foreword--King v. Burwell Symposium: Comments on the Commentaries (and on Some Elephants in the Room), David Gamage
(2015 Pepperdine Law Review 1)

Prompt on the King v. Burwell Case, David Gamage
(6 Columbia Journal of Tax Law, Tax Matters (2015))

The Case for Taxing (All of) Labor Income, Consumption, Capital Income, and Wealth, David Gamage
(68 Tax Law Review 355 (2015))

Preventing Government Shutdowns: Designing Default Rules for Budgets, David Gamage and David Scott Louk
(86 Colorado Law Review 181 (2015))

The Implications of CSX and DMA, David Gamage and Darien Shanske
(76 State Tax Notes 445 (2015))

Using Taxes to Improve Cap and Trade, Part I: Distribution, David Gamage and Darien Shanske
(75 State Tax Notes 99 (2015))

The Jekyll and Hyde of First Amendment Limits on the Regulation of Judicial Campaign Speech, Charles G. Geyh
(68 Vanderbilt Law Review En Banc 83 (2015))

The State of Recusal Reform, Charles G. Geyh, Myles Lynk, Robert S. Peck, and Toni Clarke
(18 New York University Journal of Legislation and Public Policy)

Advancing a Framework for Regulating Cryptocurrency Payments Intermediaries, Sarah Jane Hughes and Stephen T. Middlebrook
(32 Yale Journal on Regulation 495 (2015))

Patent-Eligible Processes: An Audience Perspective, Mark D. Janis and Timothy R. Holbrook
(17 Vanderbilt Journal of Entertainment and Technology Law 349 (2015))

Respecting Intent and Dispelling Stereotypes by Reducing Unintended Pregnancy, Dawn E. Johnsen
(43 Journal of Law, Medicine and Ethics 341 (2015))

State Court Protection of Reproductive Rights: The Past, the Perils, and the Promise, Dawn E. Johnsen
(29 Columbia Journal of Gender and Law 41 (2015))

The Aspiring and Globalizing Graduate Law Student: A Comment on the Lazarus-Black and Globokar LL.M. Study, Jayanth K. Krishnan and Vitor M. Dias
(22 Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies 81 (2015))

King v. Burwell: What Does It Portend for Chevron's Domain?, Leandra Lederman and Joseph C. Dugan
(2015 Pepperdine Law Review 72)

Conceiving of Products and the Products of Conception: Reflections on Commodification, Consumption, ART, and Abortion, Jody L. Madeira
(43 Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics 293 (2015))

The ART of Informed Consent: Assessing Patient Perceptions, Behaviors, and Lived Experience of IVF and Embryo Disposition Informed Consent Processes, Jody L. Madeira
(49 Family Law Quarterly 7 (2015))

The Role of Agency: Compensated Surrogacy and the Institutionalization of Assisted Reproduction Practices, Jody L. Madeira and June Cabone
(90 Washington Law Review Online 7 (2015))

Book Review. Balancing Privacy and Free Speech: Unwanted Attention in the Age of Social Media by Mark Tunick, Kimberly Mattioli
(107 Law Library Journal 596 (2015))

Book Review. Reviving Fiscal Citizenship, Ajay K. Mehrotra
(113 Michigan Law Review 943 (2015))

The Costs of Mandatory Cost-Benefit Analysis in SEC Rulemaking, Donna M. Nagy
(57 Arizona Law Review 129 (2015))

Forfeiture of Confrontation Rights and the Complicated Dynamics of Domestic Violence: Some Thoughts Inspired by Myrna Raeder, Aviva A. Orenstein
(44 Southwestern Law Review 466 (2015))

The Seductive Power of Patriarchal Stories, Aviva A. Orenstein
(58 Howard Law Journal 411 (2015))

From Thinking Like a Lawyer to Acting Like a Lawyer: Externships Provide Invaluable Experience, Austen L. Parrish
(59 Res Gestae 26 (Sept. 2015))

Taboo Procedural Tradeoffs: Examining How the Public Experiences Tradeoffs Between Procedural Justice and Cost, Victor D. Quintanilla
(15 Nevada Law Journal 882 (2015))

Foreword, Steve Sanders
(91 Indiana Law Journal 1 (2015))

Griggs at Midlife, Deborah A. Widiss
(113 Michigan Law Review 993 (2015) (book review))

Making Sausage: What, Why and How to Teach about Legislative Process in a Legislation or Leg-Reg Course, Deborah A. Widiss
(65 Journal of Legal Education 96 (2015))

Non-Marital Families and (Or After?) Marriage Equality, Deborah A. Widiss
(42 Florida State University Law Review 547 (2015))

Practical Tips for Interpreting Statutory Overrides, Deborah A. Widiss
(71 Advocate 18 (Summer 2015))

Still Kickin’ After All These Years: Sutton and Toyota as Shadow Precedents, Deborah A. Widiss
(63 Drake Law Review 919 (2015))

A Marriage By Any Other Name: Why Civil Unions Should Receive Federal Recognition, Deborah A. Widiss and Andrew Koppelman

Comment le Droit des Gens Cessa d’Être un Droit Politique: Le Droit International de John Marshall, Elisabeth Zoller

Submissions from 2014

Tweeted Out: Management Tools to Prevent Social Media from Monopolizing Your Time, Ashley A. Ahlbrand
(18 AALL Spectrum 14 (Mar. 2014))

Tribute to Randall Shepard, Kevin D. Brown
(48 Valparaiso University Law Review 585 (2014))

Learning from Lin: Lessons and Cautions from the Natural Commons for the Knowledge Commons, Daniel H. Cole
(Taken from GOVERNING KNOWLEDGE COMMONS (Brett M. Frishmann, Michael J. Madison, Katherine J. Strandburg (eds.). Oxford University Press, 2014.)

Digging Deeper into Hardin's Pasture: The Complex Institutional Structure of "The Tragedy of the Commons", Daniel H. Cole, Graham Epstein, and Michael D. McGinnis
(10 Journal of Institutional Economics 353 (2014))

Evolving Values, Animus, and Same-Sex Marriage, Daniel O. Conkle
(89 Indiana Law Journal 27 (2014))

Pringle and the Nature of Legal Reasoning, Paul Craig
(21 Maastricht Journal of European and Comparative Law 205 (2014))

Undermining or Promoting Democratic Government?: An Economic and Empirical Analysis of the Two Views of Public Sector Collective Bargaining in American Law, Kenneth G. Dau-Schmidt and Mohammad Khan
(14 Nevada Law Journal 414 (2014))

Cybersecurity and the Administrative National Security State: Framing the Issues for Federal Legislation, David G. Delaney
(40 Journal of Legislation 251 (2014))

Health Policy and the Syrian Chemical Weapons Crisis, David P. Fidler
(15 Harvard Health Policy Review 17 (Spring 2014))

Le cyberspace, c'est moi?: Authoritarian Leaders, the Internet, and International Politics, David P. Fidler
(15 Seton Hall Journal of Diplomacy and International Relations 7 (2014))

Hazardous Hedging: The (Unacknowledged) Risks of Hedging with Credit Derivatives, Gina-Gail S. Fletcher
(33 Review of Banking and Financial Law 813 (2013-2014))

When Churches Reorganize, Pamela Foohey
(88 American Bankruptcy Law Journal 277 (2014))

State's Rights, Last Rites, and Voting Rights, Luis Fuentes-Rohwer and Guy-Uriel Charles
(47 Connecticut Law Review 481 (2014))

A Way Forward for Tax Law and Economics? A Response to Osofsky's "Frictions, Screening, and Tax Law Design", David Gamage
(61 Buffalo Law Review 189 (2014))

How Should Governments Promote Distributive Justice?: A Framework for Analyzing the Optimal Choice of Tax Instruments, David Gamage
(68 Tax Law Review 1 (2014))